Assistance Program

Outgamie County public assistance.

The Economic Support Division in Outgamie County helps low income families and people living in poverty by giving them public assistance. The government agency pays for these benefits using a combination of state and federal funds. If you need help with things like food, child care, or your heating bill, you may be able to get assistance from a government program.

In order to receive SNAP benefits, residents must complete an application and be interviewed by a caseworker. The amount of benefits is based on the size of the household and the household’s income. SNAP benefits can be used to purchase food at grocery stores, convenience stores, some farmers markets, and some co-ops. SNAP cannot be used to purchase alcohol, tobacco, pet food, paper products, or household supplies. The economic support division helps individuals and low income families with their applications for this program. The case managers will also provide information about food assistance programs to those who are interested in applying.

This public aid program helps limited-income families by giving them extra money to spend on groceries each month. Food Share vouchers can be used to purchase food items such as dairy products, fruits, vegetables, baby formula, and meats at grocery stores. The EBT card can be used at some convenience stores and farmers’ markets in Outgamie County.

Food Share can not only buy food, but can also use the benefits to purchase seeds and plants that produce food. This means that households can grow their own food, which would help them to be self-sufficient. The program includes a training program to help SNAP recipients find and maintain employment.

Low-income families may be able to get help from either the LIHEAP or weatherization programs. This means that you could get help with paying your gas or electric bill, or you might get a voucher to help pay for some of your household utilities. It also helps cover the cost of furnace repairs and has an emergency fund as well. The agency that provides public aid will determine if the client qualifies based on which program provides the greatest savings.

Weatherization services help people who have a hard time paying for their utilities by making their homes more energy-efficient. This lowers their utility bills and helps them stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. These services are available at no cost to income-eligible households through either federally funded programs or free energy conservation measures that are sponsored by utility companies. The services offered include caulking, attic insulation, free programmable thermostats, door and window repair or replacement, weather-stripping, installation of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, CFL energy efficient light bulbs, and water heater and furnace repair and replacement.

The Outgamie County Burial Program is a benefit provided by the government to help indigent people and families who are living in poverty. This program helps to pay for funeral and burial expenses for those who cannot afford it. There is a limited amount of money that can be used to pay for cremation or burial costs. This money is usually in the hundreds of dollars. An asset and income test will need to happen to see if a person qualifies for something. This means that any money paid for things like a funeral or burial will go directly to the funeral home or cemetery. The applicant usually needs to be qualified for medical aid in order to be eligible for this type of assistance. There are other ways to get help with funeral expenses.

If you need help taking care of your child, there are programs that can help you. This program is for teenage parents who are working or in the Food Share Employment and Training program. The purpose of this program is to help parents with the cost of child care, so that they can concentrate on working or going to school. This program provides financial assistance to those in need.

Families with a disabled child can apply for public assistance from the government. This organization provides small cash payments to help people pay their bills, whether it is for housing, medications, transportation, or other living expenses. The parents need to be enrolled in disability programs, such as SSI.

There are other public assistance programs in Outgamie County that help people with things like food and money. Medicaid (Badgercare), resources for senior citizens, Home Delivered Meal Services and more are all available to help those in need. For these applications, or for more information, please call the division at (888) 256-4563. The Appleton address is 401 S Elm St, WI 54911.

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