New Jersey Home Keeper (NJHK) program

The government provides funds to the state of New Jersey to help people prevent a foreclosure, or to assist those who are currently in the process. The money is from the federal government’s fund for people who have been hit the hardest.

Type of mortgage assistance offered

The New Jersey Home Keeper program will provide homeowners with different options for payments and assistance. Some of the programs that are available include deferred mortgage payment loans, as well as a loan product that has no interest. The loans given to homeowners in the state will be limited to $48,000 per qualified household and will not go beyond 24 months. The average loan amount that borrowers are expected to receive is $38,000.

New Jersey Home Keeper program eligibility

The program is designed to help New Jersey homeowners who are unemployed or underemployed due to factors beyond their control. It can help protect people who are vulnerable and facing medical issues. The other focus is on people who have had a big decrease in their income. The borrowers are unable to pay their mortgage payments on time because they have lost their job, and they are at risk of losing their homes to foreclosure.

The program will give homeowners time to find another job or finish job training programs. The aid provided is not a charity program, it is targeted. This financial assistance will also help with any mortgage payments that may have been missed due to lost employment income.

Apply – New Jersey agency running the Home Keeper program

The money for this project will come from the Hardest-Hit Fund, which is a federal foreclosure-prevention initiative. The money will go directly to the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency (HMFA). The NJHK program will help eligible homeowners with mortgage payments and other housing-related expenses.

The program will help unemployed and underemployed homeowners make their monthly mortgage payments for up to 24 month period of time.

There are other programs and solutions recommended by the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency to people in need, in addition to the Home Keeper program. The New Jersey foreclosure mediation program and NJ Hope are both ways to help people who are struggling to keep their homes. The foreclosure mediation program helps people by giving them a chance to talk to their lender and try to work out a way to keep their home. NJ Hope helps people by providing them with information and resources that can help them keep their home. If you need help with your mortgage or are facing foreclosure, you can call the agency at 609-278-7400 to learn about programs that can help you.

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