Pee Dee Catholic Charity and church based assistance programs.

Pee Dee Catholic Charities offers emergency programs to help low-income earners and the elderly. The organization can provide food and clothing for people in need through partnering with different churches. There may also be direct financial aid for paying bills such as rent or utilities. This means that the government could give you money directly to help pay your rent or utilities. The information he has is also available in the following counties: Horry, Chesterfield, Darlington, Dillon, Florence, Williamsburg, Georgetown, Lee, Marlboro, and Marion.

Food pantries provide families and individuals who are struggling to make ends meet with free groceries and food items. Some of the food that is given out comes from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (U.S.D.A.), local churches, or other places that Lowcountry Food Bank buys from. All government supplied commodities are given out the same to everyone, no matter what their age, race, or background is. The pantry may also hand out personal Toiletry Kits. This may include soap, razors, and similar items.

Sometimes you can get vouchers for gas. Catholic Charities will offer transportation to medical appointments at Charleston MUSC when possible. There may be transportation available in some cases for a job interview, a critical doctor appointment, or to the pharmacy.

Pee Dee Catholic Charities will try to offer financial aid to help with emergency needs. The organization will use donations or money from its general fund to help pay for things like prescriptions, a portion of rent, energy bills, doctor’s appointments, birth certificates, emergency shelter, or transportation. Crisis grants are only given out in cases of extreme need, and all requests are individually assessed.

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A phone service called Trak phones is offered from a federal program to help with communication. This means that if you come from a low-income family and live in a county such as Horry or Georgetown, you may be eligible to receive a free phone. This means that people who are affected by domestic violence or who live alone can get more minutes added to their phone plan. Catholic Charities and other non-profits purchase these phones and minutes for them.

Pee Dee Catholic Charities provides case management services to clients. The staff will help the clients to set goals and to make lists. The company will then make sure that the customer reaches their goals. The organization provides referrals, linkage and information on other programs to individuals in Horry, Chesterfield, Florence and other towns.

The Catholic Charity provides care and support for seniors through their Senior Care Management Services. This includes help with everyday tasks, providing information and referrals, and connecting seniors with community resources. The number of older residents is increasing and this program is serving them comprehensively and broadly. The goal of the resource is to provide support for families, care givers, and individuals.

The program provides an assessment to create a care plan, case management, advocacy, referral to programs, and coordination of services. Some services for elders may come with a fee. They also work with other organizations in the area, such as the Area on Aging in Horry County or Dillon Georgetown.

There are various programs that provide medical care. The Mobile Free Wellness Clinic is a service provided by the Conway Medical Center to help improve the health and well-being of the community. The clinic provides free health screenings, immunizations, and health education to those in need. Additionally, Vision USA provides Catholic Charities – Pee Dee with vision care and eye check ups. In some cases, you may be able to get free eye glasses.

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If you are a low-income or senior family, you can get help applying for Medicare or MediApps-Medication Application Services. A small fee is charged to clients to help cover the cost of this service. No one will be denied advice due to an inability to pay.

The Catholic Charity Children Ministry provides free diapers, cribs, and other items to those in need. Churches and organizations that help new mothers usually provide them with basic needs for their baby like towels, clothing, bibs, and sometimes formula. They also usually give the mother a homemade baby blanket. These items were donated by the community from events such as birthday parties for Jesus or a fund raiser called “Stitches from the Heart”.

Other assistance for new or single moms includes car seats for infants and toddlers that are either free or brand new. There is a children’s clothes closet that operates in South Carolina. Pee Dee provides support for the counties of Horry (Myrtle Beach), Williamsburg, Chesterfield, and Florence.

They also operate various programs and ministries that help people in need, like a knitting group that makes items for the working poor, and programs for immigrants.

All resources are not unlimited and they will change based on county, funding levels, and even the season. The number to call for more information is 855-377-1357.

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