Roanoke regional Catholic Charities assistance programs.

Catholic Charities provides a variety of resources to the Virginia region, including food, emergency financial aid, and long-term planning assistance. The Roanoke Diocese is responsible for the coverage of a number of towns, cities, and counties that are in close proximity. Some of the help that may be offered is listed below, but there may be other programs available as well.

HELP is a main program that helps people with substance abuse problems. Those who qualify can receive help from a variety of assistance programs. It can include things like food and shelter (like rent or a mortgage) and utility bills (like water, electricity, etc.). When someone gets money to help them, they can also get help from someone who manages their case for a longer period of time.

Catholic Charities will use available funding to provide assistance to people in need across the state of Virginia, including the cities of Roanoke and Salem. The agency will also try to help people resolve a crisis by coordinating what may be needed from a counseling and education perspective. This can include giving people advice and teaching them what they need to know in order to help them stay independent and self-sufficient. You can get help with bills and housing while you work on solving the root cause of your financial difficulties.

You will be interviewed by a case manager resource specialist as part of the process of applying for assistance. The interviewer will ask you questions to see if you need extra services, like mental health care, healthcare, or help for drug addiction. If you need help beyond what we can provide, we will connect you with other agencies and resources in Roanoke and Virginia that can assist you. Other services provided along with referral and assessment services. To get more information on financial aid, call 540.278.1633 and leave a message.

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Unpaid debts can be extremely stressful. If you are struggling to pay your bills, you can sign up for free or low cost credit counseling from Catholic Charities. This service can help you develop a budget, negotiate with creditors, and make a plan to get out of debt. The HELP program also includes a debt management service that offers an approved repayment service through the Virginia State Corporation Commission. The goal is to help a client through a difficult time and create a budget. The Debt Management service offers advice on housing, personal budgeting and the use of credit, free of charge.

Clients will be assigned to a meeting with a certified credit counselor. The specialist will help you understand your spending and saving habits based on your household income and create a budget that you can stick to. If you need help managing your money or paying your bills, you can get free advice, mediation, and assistance from a debt management plan.

Older adults in the community who meet certain requirements may be eligible for Independence for Seniors. The program provides resources and support for healthy lifestyles and community interaction for seniors and adults over the age of 55 to help them age in place. This means that people should eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, and have strong personal relationships.

There are services to help people immigrate. This part of the law is often difficult to understand and can be confusing to navigate. The federal government Board of Immigration Appeals has accredited multilingual staff across regions to provide free or low cost immigration advice and assistance. Receive help with status for temporary protection, petitions for family members abroad, general immigration services, extension of stay, freedom of information act, and work authorization applications.

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The Saint Francis House can help families in Roanoke. The location can provide resources for families in need including baby items, food, and clothing. This program, which is affiliated with a Catholic charity, will help meet people’s immediate needs. The agency has a food pantry that is registered with Feeding America Southwest Virginia. They are heavily reliant on the generosity and donations from area churches, individuals, and corporations. The donations are what allow the clothing closet and pantry to stay open. Any assistance you can provide is essential to helping those in need.

There are services available to help you find a job. The staff from the agency helps unemployed, immigrants, and refugees find jobs by connecting them with employers. Catholic Charities will offer services that help people in need get access to screenings, training, and support. This means that they are willing to work hard and follow all the rules. Losing one’s home, belongings, and career can be a powerful motivator to work hard and succeed.

The Roanoke Catholic Charities support four regions which include Franklin County, Botetourt, Craig, and Salem Virginia. Please call 540-342-7561.

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