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Pennsylvania water bill assistance.

If you need help with paying your water bill in Pennsylvania, there are programs available to assist you. If you are struggling to pay your water bill, the Dollar Energy Fund may be able to help. The Hardship Program provides assistance to customers who are facing an emergency or crisis situation. This resource can help low income customers in Pennsylvania with utility expenses. This organization relies on financial contributions from the public as well as utility companies located in the region. They work with many different utility and water companies in the state to help as many people as possible.

The amount of money a program has and an applicant’s financial situation will greatly affect the type and amount of assistance given. Qualified customers who apply for the program may receive a one-time cash grant that is applied directly to their water bill. This program also offers a 65% discount on the customer service charge portion of monthly water bills to eligible individuals.

The Pennsylvania Dollar Energy Fund Hardship Program is designed to help a large number of people, not just those who are qualified for other low income programs like LIHEAP. This can even help people who are not rich and are in a difficult situation for a short period of time. This program can help families and individuals even if they don’t meet the requirements for LIHEAP. The requirements for this program are not as strict.

The following guidelines may be able to help you determine if you are eligible for something. This means that applicants need to earn an income that is less than or equal to 200% of the poverty line set by the federal government. The cut-offs for this publication will change each year. The amount of money a household receives from the government is based on both that household’s total income and the number of people who live in it.

The Dollar Energy Fund is a non-profit organization that helps people pay their water bills. They have an income calculator on their website that helps people determine if they qualify for assistance based on their total income and the number of people in their family. Sources of funds refers to any income that an individual or household has available to them to use for purposes such as consumption or saving. This can include income from employment, investments, or government benefits.

If you live in Pennsylvania and your income is low, you may be able to get help from the state’s hardship program. This is usually based on the applicant’s income before taxes and other deductions, and is typically a higher amount than their net income.

If you want to be considered for this program, you must have made a genuine effort to pay your water bills in the recent past. The Dollar Energy Fund is a program that helps people who are facing an unexpected short term financial hardship. The family who is asking for help with their finances is also responsible for contributing to any outstanding payments on their account. To apply for a grant, customers must have paid at least $100 towards their water bill at least 90 days prior to applying.

The program is funded by donations from individuals and local businesses. If you have extra money and would like to help a neighbor in need, you can make a tax deductible donation.

Applying for water bill help in PA

To apply for the water bill grant or discount program in Pennsylvania, contact the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services by calling 1-888-282-6816.

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