Help with heating bills in Ohio.

There are various government programs and resources offered by non-profits that can assist you with paying your winter heating bills in Ohio. Many of the energy companies in Ohio offer their own financial assistance programs, including Duke Energy, Columbia Gas, AEP Ohio, and Dominion East. Each company and program will have a limited number of resources available, and you will need to go through an application process in order to be considered for those resources.

The Salvation Army in Ohio offers a program called HeatShare which helps people with utility bills. They work with most utility companies in Ohio. The program can help people who are elderly, disabled, unemployed, or low income with paying their heating bills. Other companies besides Duke Energy contribute and participate in HeatShare, including Columbia Gas. The Salvation Army can help qualified customers of these companies as well.

HeatShare is a program that helps people pay their heating bills. It runs from January to April. If the money runs out, it will end earlier. For more information, contact your local Salvation Army center or call 513-762-5636.

The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) helps low-income Ohioans pay their winter heating bills. The program pays a one-time benefit to eligible households based on household size, income, and type of heating equipment. This means that the government subsidy will only cover part of the bill, and the person who is receiving the subsidy will still have to pay some money out of their own pocket. This program provides grants to low-income households, with a focus on seniors and households with children. The number 800-848-1300 is a phone number.

In Ohio, all energy companies are required to offer the Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP Plus). This can help families keep their heat on during the winter months, or at other times of the year if they need to. If a customer pays even a partial amount on their outstanding balance, their electricity or natural gas service will not be disconnected. If you qualify, you will only have to pay 6% of your monthly household income, or a $10 minimum payment, for your bills.

The Salvation Army’s Energy Share program relies on donations and contributions from the community to help those in need with their energy bills. It may be offered in other parts of the state, though it is focused on Dominion East Ohio customers. If you’re struggling to pay your winter heating bills, you may be able to get help from a government program. Some utility companies also offer assistance programs for customers with low incomes. The Salvation Army is a religious and charitable organization that provides assistance to people in need. You can contact your local Salvation Army corps center for more information or to apply for assistance.

The Office of the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel is a place where you can go for legal advice. This includes information on how to disconnect and reconnect your energy services. If you’re struggling to pay your bills, you have options. A lawyer can help you understand your legal rights when it comes to disconnection and can also help you set up a payment plan. The number to call for more information on disconnection laws is 1-877-742-5622.

Some energy providers in Ohio offer a trial program called the Ohio Gas Residential Low Income Pilot Program. Households with lower incomes that use less than 900 ccf of natural gas per year may qualify. The program offers help to those who take part in it. This program helps low-income families with their home energy costs by providing a monthly credit on their electric bills. This program provides a monthly credit on electric bills for low-income families to help with home energy costs.

The Electric Partnership Program offers conservation measures that can help people save money on their annual heating and utility bills. The Ohio Department of Development offers a program to improve efficiency and energy conservation for low-income households signed up for the Percentage of Income Payment Plan. The program will coordinate in-home audits of your home, and it will install appropriate thermal energy efficiency measures and electric base load improvements.

The Ohio Medical Certification Program is for people with a medical condition that is life-threatening, serious, or debilitating. This statement must be supported by a doctor or medical professional. If you qualify, you will be given extra time to pay your heating bill before your service is shut off. The number to call is 1-800-362-7557. The Medical Certification Program does not provide direct financial assistance, so all bills still need to be paid.

The Winter Reconnect Order is a law that requires all utility and gas companies to reconnect services to customers who have had their service disconnected due to non-payment. All residents of the state who are threatened with disconnection or who have had their heat turned off are entitled to have it turned back on during the cold winter months, provided they meet qualifications.

If you are a senior citizen or elderly person, you should contact your local Area Agency on Aging office or the Ohio Department of Aging. Volunteers and staff can help seniors apply for energy assistance programs, including providing assistance during a time of crisis. They can also get information about AEP Ohio or Duke Energy financial assistance programs. These programs can help with energy bills or other services. Please call (866) 243-5678.

The Ohio Winter Crisis Program helps low-income families pay for their heating bills. It is also called Emergency HEAP or E-HEAP. If you need help paying your heating bills, you may be eligible to receive assistance once per winter heating season. If you have enough money, you can keep your service from being disconnected. If you would like more information, you can call 1-800-282-0880.

The Neighbor to Neighbor program is a program offered by AEP Ohio that provides assistance to people in need. If you’re about to be disconnected, or already have been, there may be money available to help you. This means that money will be added to your account in the form of a grant or credit.

Weatherization Assistance is a government program that helps low-income families pay for energy-saving improvements to their homes. The program is coordinated by the Ohio Department of Development and local community action agencies. The program can help you improve your home’s insulation and repair any drafts. The improvements are free and have been shown to save homeowners money on their annual heating or utility bills. This is the customer service number for the company.

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