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Prince William County free Christmas and holiday assistance programs.

There are places in Prince William County Virginia where you can get free Christmas toys and meals, as well as assistance for Thanksgiving or even Easter. There are several holiday programs designed to help those who are struggling financially, including low income families, the unemployed, senior citizens, and the working poor. There are several charities in Prince William County that can help with Christmas gifts or providing a meal, such as Toys for Tots or Angel Tree.

Non-profits such as Toys for Tots provide gifts and services to those in need during the holiday season. Children and young teenagers can be provided with a new, wrapped present. There are many different types of toys available, such as trucks, dolls, games, electronics, and more. If that program can’t help, then there are other organizations that can assist with things like a turkey for Thanksgiving, a hot meal for Christmas, or even a Christmas party. Apply as soon as possible as assistance is usually given to those who apply first.

They also have a food bank and soup kitchen. The church provides Christmas toys and gifts to children, as well as a food bank and soup kitchen.

The CHRIST New Birth Church provides free food, meals, and other resources for children in need. The church is located at 4421 Dalvd in Woodbridge, Virginia, and can be reached by phone at 703-594-4341. Volunteers may also deliver Thanksgiving or Christmas meals to seniors, and visit with them to provide companionship.

The Salvation Army of Prince William County operates the Angel Tree and Adopt a Family programs out of its main center on Old Bridge Road in Woodbridge, VA. The organization provides assistance to families in need during the holiday season through these programs, which include distributing gifts and food to those who participate. Each year, around Christmas time, many organizations and charities give away free toys, clothes, books, games, and other resources to children in need. This is a great way for children to get some holiday cheer, even if they are struggling financially. There are also Thanksgiving turkey dinners as well as Christmas meals. The Salvation Army is committed to helping those in need during the holiday season and have expanded their programs to include assistance with rent, utility bills, and transportation costs in addition to providing holiday meals and gifts.

The Fountain Gate Chapel is located at 05 Garrisonwoods Dr in Stafford, Virginia, 22556. The phone number for the chapel is 571-572-4254.

The charity is part of USMC Toys for Tots, which is a program that provides toys to children who are in need. The charity provides toys to children who are in need, and they also have a program where they provide toys to children who are in the hospital. At the holiday, free Christmas presents for infants and kids, winter attire, games, and other goods may be offered.

The Outside The Walls Ministry provides holiday programs for residents of Prince William County. For more information, please call 388-569-9474.

The Prominent Chapters Corporation is a non-profit organization that collects toys for children in need. Their address is 3360 Post Office Box Road #7406, Woodbridge, Virginia, 22193. You can call them at 800-221-0071 to learn more about their organization or to donate toys. Low-income families who are struggling can get help during the holiday season.

It provides Christmas gifts for needy children. The gifts are distributed through a network of community organizations and volunteers. The Toys for Tots program is a charity that provides Christmas gifts to children who are in need. The gifts are distributed through a network of community organizations and volunteers. Children aged 14 and under can receive free, wrapped Christmas gifts. Most of the items are geared towards children, such as toys, books, clothes, games, electronics, dolls, and other similar goods. Toys for Tots is a program that provides toys for low income families. To request toys from Toys for Tots, visit the local coordinator site nearest you and fill out the form.

But don’t let that fool you. ACTS also provides Christmas programs and other services throughout the year. They are located at 3900 ACTS Lane in Dumfries, VA and their phone number is (703) 441-8606. There may be home delivery for people who are unable to leave their homes, seniors, or those in a nursing home. There are other resources that they may be able to get such as free gift cards, low cost birthday or Christmas toys from the thrift store. The ACTS assistance programs provide additional help for people who need it. These programs can help with things like food, shelter, and other basic needs.

The Prominent Chapters CorpAddress is 3360 Post Office Box Road #7406Woodbridge, Virginia, 22193. The charity can be reached at 800-221-0071. Applications for Toys for Tots are accepted from September to October.

The Life Church provides programs to help low income families and those in poverty. Christmas food baskets, presents, stocking stuffers, and other items are available.

The Dumfries Seventh Day Adventist Church is a Toys for Tots application and distribution site. The address is 15012 Dumfries Rd, Manassas, Virginia, 22112 and the phone number is 571-991-9175. There may be free toys, clothes, food, and other gifts available from the pantry.

The main address for Victory Christian Ministries International is 14747 Arizona Ave. in Woodbridge, Virginia. The phone number for the organization is 703-491-7100.

The Voluntary Action Center is located on Center Street in Manassas, Virginia. It provides donations for the Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas programs. Businesses and individuals in Prince William County can donate to the center. Different presents such as gift cards, toys, and meals can be given to people.

The Prince William office of Northern Virginia Family Service is located at 10455 White Granite Drive in Oakton, Virginia. The office’s phone number is (571) 748-2500.

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