Rental assistance Fort Bend County.

There is help available for those who need a place to stay for a short time or a long time in Fort Bend County. This means that organizations like the government, religious groups, and non-profit organizations can give you money to help you pay for college. Below are some agencies that may be able to help with rent, as well as security deposits or storage costs. You may also be able to find free legal help if you are facing eviction. There are government programs that can help with housing costs, including short-term assistance for those facing eviction, motel rooms for the homeless, and long-term vouchers for income-based housing.

If one of the Fort Bend County agencies below is unable to help you, they may be able to provide you with referrals to other agencies that can. The locations will usually have staff on site that are more than willing to offer support services, even if they are not able to provide financial assistance for a rent payment. Other options for residents who are veterans or have children will be transitional housing in the region or state.

A major focus of this organization is to help veterans, single mothers or fathers, the disabled and elderly in Fort Bend County with their rent. All programs are available for Spanish speakers as well. When applying for assistance from one of these agencies in Fort Bend County, applicants should bring proof of their income and need.

The East Fort Bend Human Needs Ministry is located at 425 Stafford Run Rd, Stafford, Texas 77477. The only zip codes that they offer rent assistance for are 77489, 77099, 77477, 77479, 77459, 77053, 77083, 77085, 77583, and 77545. If you need help with your mortgage payment or other household expenses, there are programs available to assist you. You can only apply for a grant once per year. To reach someone by telephone at (281) 261-1006, dial that number on your phone.

The Salvation Army Fort Bend Service Center provides many different programs to help people in need. Organizations such as the United Way and Salvation Army offer financial aid to individuals in need. Rental deposits, housing, utilities, and other expenses can be covered by these funds. There is also free furniture available for those in need, as well as transitional housing and free motel or hotel vouchers for emergency accommodations. The address of the location is 10435 Greenbough Drive, Stafford, Texas. The phone number is (281)-207-2500.

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The Office of Veteran Services is located at 4520 Reading Rd, Rosenberg, Texas 77471. To reach someone by phone, dial (281) 341-4550. There are housing programs that offer rent and mortgage help specifically for veterans, or for their spouses and family members. The services are offered in Fort Bend County. There are many resources available for veterans, including benefits, transitional housing, and food assistance.

The Shelter Services at Fort Bend County Women’s Center will help women and children who are fleeing from domestic violence. If you need help with things like loans, legal aid, emergency shelter, etc., you can go to their office at 905 3rd Street, Rosenberg, Texas 77471. You can reach us by calling either (281) 344-5750 or (281) 232-5041.

The Rosenberg Housing Authority offers programs that are funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), as well as income-based housing. The address is 117 Lane Dr, Rosenberg, Texas 77471. Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers are available for very low income families and the working poor, though there is usually a long waiting list. There is also support available for those who are disabled or senior citizens. If you need emergency housing assistance, you can call the PHA at (281) 342-1456. There may also be special housing assistance programs available for disabled or elderly people.

The Riceville Mt. Olive Baptist Church is located at 11539 S Gessner Rd, Houston, TX 77071. Call the number provided to start the intake process. Some organizations offer basic needs like a small amount of money to help with bills or rent, used furniture, and other support.

For help during a crisis, call Rosenberg-Richmond Helping Hands at (281) 232-4904. This means that you will get help with your rent for a limited time, as well as help with other needs like finding a job or getting medical care. There may be financial assistance available for electric bills and mediation between landlords and tenants. This means that if you are a tenant with an eviction notice in Fort Bend County, and you also have a job, you will be given priority for assistance with your rent arrears. The address of the location is 902 Collins Road, Richmond, Texas, 77469.

The Mamie George Community Center is located at 1111 Collins Road in Richmond, Texas. To reach customer service, please dial either (713) 351-6915 or (281) 202-6200. The church may be able to help with energy costs and other housing needs like rent, depending on how much money it has. This means that there are people who can help with things like finding a place to live, getting a job, or accessing benefits, for people who are single parents, low-income renters, or seniors. The organization also provides support for female veterans in the form of rent assistance, legal support, and help with basic needs.

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The CoC is responsible for developing a coordinated system of care that meets the needs of people experiencing homelessness in Fort Bend County. The Coalition for the Homeless of Fort Bend County is a local organization that is part of the federal Continuum of Care. The Continuum of Care is responsible for developing a coordinated system of care that meets the needs of people experiencing homelessness in Fort Bend County. The housing services provided by the government include vouchers for motels, legal aid for tenants who have received an eviction notice, medication, case management, and money to help pay for a portion of rent arrears or energy costs. For more information on Houston and Fort Bend area eviction prevention, please visit our website.

The Fort Bend County CAC Neighborhood Center is located at 1106 Morton Street in Rosenberg, Texas. They are a part of a network of non-profit organizations that aim to help improve communities. Various forms of financial assistance are offered by the government to help with housing costs, including rent, mortgage, and utility payments. Other forms of assistance may include budgeting and case management. There is also emergency help for back rent. Call this number: 281-342-3012

The non-profit organization Fort Bend Lawyers Care is based in the city of Richmond. The Texas Law Help website is a part of the state of Texas’ regional free legal aid network. This means that if you are having problems with your housing or are being threatened with eviction, you can get free legal help from attorneys and paralegals. This can be a big help if you are having trouble resolving your issue with your landlord. The office is located at 310 Morton Street # 566, and the phone number is 281-239-0015.

The homeless prevention and rapid rehousing program can help those who are about to be homeless as well as those who are already homeless. Assistance is provided in the form of motel or hotel vouchers, government grants for first month’s rent or utility deposits. Fort Bend County provides assistance to those who have been evicted from their homes, as well as those who are at risk of being evicted. The County offers a variety of resources to help residents find new housing and avoid eviction.

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The Grance Under Fire organization provides support to female veterans in Fort Bend County, Texas. The organization offers a variety of services to help women veterans adjust to civilian life, including financial assistance, job placement assistance, and counseling. Different types of assistance such as emergency rent help, budgeting, financial literacy, transportation, etc. are offered. The goal is to help female veterans gain stability and housing is a key component. At 2929 McKinney in Houston, TX, 77003, various forms of assistance are available, including help with rental costs, utility grants, security deposit grants, and case management. Please call the number 210-864-2959.

The Family Hope organization is located at 5757 Flewellen Oaks Lane in Fulshear, Texas. There is help for basic needs, money for rent, housing placement services, and other support. Dial 832-332-5163 for information on financial aid for mortgages, rent, and more.

The Fort Bend County Social Services office is located at 4520 Reading Road in Rosenberg, Texas. The main number for this company is 281-342-7300. There are government programs available to help with rent, public housing, loans from TANF, and other aid. The goal is to prevent evictions, and programs are available to help with rent, utilities, and mortgage payments.

The two organizations mentioned do not have a lot of money set aside to help people who are behind on rent. The amount of money they can give out is based on how much money they have been donated. The SVDP Parish is located at 431 Eldridge Road in Sugar Land, Texas. A home visit, proof of income, and an interview are required in order to apply for this program. Counseling, rent assistance, free advice, and more are available. Call the number 281-491-6041. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Fort Bend County provides additional assistance to those in need.

Lone Star Legal Aid of Fort Bend County helps people who are being evicted, immigrants, and people who are being discriminated against in housing. The office provides free consultations, help applying for benefits (including SSI or section 8), landlord-tenant mediation services and other free legal consultations. Call 281-261-9199 or visit 1135 Highway 90A, Missouri City, Texas 77489 to donate to the charity.

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