Rent Assistance

Rental assistance in Utah County and Provo

There are organizations that can help with paying rent, security deposits, or other housing costs if needed. If you’re struggling to pay rent or are about to be homeless, you can apply for help from government housing programs. Only a small number of people will be able to get help because there is not a lot of money available.

The agencies’ primary objective is to stave off homelessness by providing assistance with back rent payments. The government and non-profit organizations are taking a proactive approach to this issue by providing cash and non-monetary aid to people who are facing eviction or foreclosure. Rental resources are usually targeted at those who are most in need, including families with children and seniors. If we evict people from those classifications, then they are at much greater risk from a safety and health standpoint.

The Provo Utah Community Action agency can direct individuals to a number of housing and emergency rental assistance programs. Figueroa St., Los Angeles CA 90017 The main office of the company is located at 815 S. Figueroa St., Los Angeles CA 90017. It is a street with a lot of freedom. Freedom Boulevard in Provo is a street that allows for a lot of freedom and liberty. If you need to speak to a case manager, you can call 373-8200. Some of the services that this company provides include help with paying rent for the first month, as well as a security deposit. They also offer emergency housing, credit repair, and budgeting services. Lastly, they also provide shelter.

Habitat for Humanity helps low income families by providing them with homes. They have created new home construction with their own hard work, and may be able to help low income families with loans that don’t have any interest. The address is 48 West 100 North, Provo, and the phone number is 344-8527.

The agency is responsible for running the federal government’s homelessness prevention program and providing rapid re-housing assistance for residents of the city and county. This housing program provides short to midterm cash grants to families who meet the stringent qualifications. If you are in Provo, Utah and you need to reach someone at (801) 852-6168, you can just dial the number without the area code.

The Provo Housing Authority is more involved in government and public housing than in any other type of housing. They provide housing assistance for low income and public housing residents, including section 8 housing vouchers. The organization only provides resources to families in Provo, Utah. The phone number is 852-7080, or you can stop by 650 W100 North.

The Transient Bishop Assistance Office provides help to those who are temporarily in the Provo, Utah area. The office can be reached at 801-818-6156.

The Utah County Housing Authority provides housing assistance to low-income residents through the Section 8 program and also offers weatherization services to help make homes more energy efficient. This is similar to the Provo organization, but this one covers the whole of Utah County. The Housing Authority of Utah County provides housing and rental assistance to people who meet income guidelines. To be eligible for certain programs, you may need to meet certain income requirements. These requirements may vary depending on the program and the individual. To provide low income residents with access to quality housing that is safe and clean. The number to dial for the center is 373-8333 and it is located at 240 E Center in Provo. The Section 8 voucher program in Utah provides housing assistance to low-income families and individuals. This program helps families and individuals pay for rent and other housing-related expenses.

Vantage Point Youth Services is a place that provides a safe place to stay for runaway youth and teens, as well as advice and guidance. The address 300 N 1185 E Provo corresponds to a location in Provo, Utah. The building at this address can be contacted at 373-2215.

The Community Action Services and Food Bank provides assistance to those who are struggling within the community through various programs and services. This means that if there is money available, the service can help you pay for rent. To be eligible for a grant from the non-profit, applicants must meet certain requirements.

One of the main services offered by the government is the Crisis Assistance program, which provides financial assistance for emergency situations. Some of the assistance programs that are available include referrals to subsidized housing, help with paying the first month’s rent, or money to prevent an eviction. There is even temporary emergency shelter or motel/hotel rooms for people who need them.

There are many assistance programs offered. The Community Action Services And Food Bank can be found at 815 South Freedom Blvd, Suite 100 in Provo. The phone number for the location is (801) 373-8200.

Utah Legal Services is a organization that provides free legal services to low income individuals who are facing eviction. If you need assistance, please call 374-6766. The address is 455 North University Avenue, number 100.

The St. Anne’s Center provides information on how to find low-income housing, how to get into shelters, what loan programs are available, and how to become self-sufficient. The goal is to help prevent homelessness by providing information on rent programs. The phone number is 801-621-5036.

Provo Community Action Services provides housing and other assistance programs and services to the community. This service is for people who are low income and live near this community. This organization provides financial assistance for rent in emergency situations. Funding availability varies. To be approved, applicants must meet certain requirements.

The Food and Care Coalition provides assistance with housing. The agency can provide rental assistance to couples without children or single adults, but only as funding allows. You can only get help with money by using a voucher system, not with cash.

There is no money to pay for security deposits. A person who is applying for this assistance must have recently signed a new lease or housing contract and must also be employed. The center offers a computer lab and other employment services to help people gain new skills. The address is 299 East 900 South, Provo, UT 84606 and the phone number is (801) 373-1825.

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