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Rolling Plains Management Corporation assistance programs.

The Rolling Plains Management Corporation provides emergency services, case management, and referrals. The agency provides weatherization services, Head Start, and limited transportation in the region. The non-profit provides support to the 11 counties in Texas that are Wichita, Baylor, Cottle, Foard, Clay, Hardeman, Wilbarger, Archer, Jack, Montague, and Young.

The agency provides funding and resources that come from the Community Services Block Grant. The majority of this assistance comes from the federal government, and the number and types of programs offered each year can fluctuate.

If someone is on a low income, a case manager can help them to find out what options are available to them. They provide referrals and information to emergency services and case management. We collaborate with our neighboring counties to provide the best possible experience for our visitors. This agency provides referrals for food, rent, low income loans, and health care needs.

The case management services can help clients that want to be able to take care of themselves over the long term. The staff at Rolling Plains Management Corporation provides budget and credit counseling. There are organizations that can help reduce your debt, agencies that can help with housing, and other forms of support. They help you figure out what you need to do to get a job and what your goals should be. This program can provide assistance for as long as necessary to help someone become self-sufficient. If you are struggling to pay your debts, there are organizations that can help you.

The Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program provides grants to help with utility bills. This means using less energy overall. The program provides assistance to low-income households in Texas to help with energy costs. This means that the company is particularly interested in making sure that seniors and the disabled have what they need. There is also a focus on reducing the energy needs and monthly utility bills for households.

The utility bill assistance program will provide payments to help low-income households in Baylor, Cottle, Foard, Wilbarger, Clay, and other towns with their bills. In addition to providing information on public aid, case managers can also help with conservation.

CEAP can help you if you are in danger of being disconnected from your home. The government may also provide money to fix or maintain existing cooling or heating units. Rolling Plains will provide portable units or free fans in an energy-related crisis.

The Rolling Plains Management Corporation Head Start program is offered in partnership with local charities and schools. The program works to help children by providing them with the tools they need to be successful in life. The program will also help families by providing them with support and resources.

The main goal of Head Start is to help young children get ready for school by improving their emotional, social, and cognitive skills. The organization provides children with health care, education, free meals, social interaction, and other necessary services. The program will also help out parents. They can get referrals to government benefits and staff help parents with their employment, educational, and literacy goals.

Rolling Plains Management is a program that helps children that are enrolled in it. They work to address health and developmental concerns for the enrolled children. These will be identified by staff and teachers. The individual will then be able to get help from a place that is always available and can provide what is needed. The program is available in many different areas including Knox City, Vernon, Munday, Archer City and others.

The Weatherization Assistance Program provides help to low-income individuals with energy efficiency and other needs. The goal is to assist the elderly and disabled in the community. This will allow people to save energy, have a healthier and more comfortable environment, and reduce their high utility bills.

The program is funded by grants from several sources. The US Department of Energy is one of the organizations that use this system. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program often provides funds along with the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs to help low-income families with energy costs.

Some improvement that can be made to a home are fixing windows, filling cracks, patching holes in the floor or ceiling, insulation, and repairing heating or cooling equipment. This is all done for free for those low income families that meet the requirements.

Rolling Plains Management Corporation offers transportation services. This organization helps people in rural areas of Wichita, Texas. Some of the counties they serve include Baylor, Archer, Cottle, Foard, Jack, Hardeman, Wilbarger, and Young. SHARP Lines provides transportation to places like dental and medical offices, as well as social service agencies. The transportation from SHARP is for people who are disabled, the general public, school children, and senior citizens, but there will be some fees.

The main offices of the community action agency are located.

The number for the Archer, Clay, Jack, Montague, Wichita, and Young counties is 1-800-633-0852. The address is 118 North First, Crowell, Texas 79227. Call the customer service number at 1-877-804-7372 to speak to someone about the Taylor, Shackleford, Stephens County region. The address for this region is 807 North Judge Ely, Abilene, Texas 79601. The phone number for this region is 1-877-450-7616.

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