Salt Lake community clinics.

Residents in Salt Lake City have access to a number of community clinics and health care centers that offer free or low-cost medical care. The clinics offer a wide range of services. Health care may be provided at no cost to those who meet certain criteria. Some examples of the type of assistance that may be provided by a Salt Lake health center are listed below. However, for more information you will need to contact or visit the center in person.

Many of the locations offer free or low-cost assistance to people who are working poor, unemployed, or do not have health insurance because they are qualified by the federal government. The amount of money that a patient needs to pay for their medical bills depends on their income. Usually, the fees that a patient has to pay are only a small amount. If you earn enough money, you will qualify. The dental and health care provided is very good and covers a lot of different areas.

The 72nd Street Community Health Center is a health center that offers various medical outreach services and programs, including, but not limited to well child exams, immunizations, and health care for acute illness. The health center is located at 220 West 7200 South Ste A in Midvale, Utah and the phone number is 801-566-5494.

The Central City Community Health Center offers reduced medical bills for income qualified families. The center is located at 461 South 400 East in Salt Lake City, and the phone number is 801-539-8634. The amount of the bill will be based on the patient’s household income. Call the health center for more information on their hours and to make an appointment.

The Fourth Street Clinic is a community health center located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The clinic provides primary care, mental health, and substance abuse services to residents of the Salt Lake City area. The clinic’s primary phone number is 801-364-0058. There are a number of organizations that provide free or low-cost medical and dental care for those in need. These organizations can be found through a simple online search. There are people who have volunteered to help, as well as doctors and other medical professionals, who are all present at the location.

The Health Access Project is a project that helps people get access to health care. They have an office in Salt Lake City, Utah, and they can be reached by phone at 801-412-3980.

The Health Clinics of Utah in Salt Lake City are located at 168 North 1950 West, Suite 201. To make an appointment or for more information on hours, please call 801-715-3500.

The clinic at Intermountain Lincoln Elementary School focuses on programs for children and teenagers. Immunizations, basic checkups, family care, medications and other medical aid are available at the Salt Lake City Public Health Clinic. Some of these services may be free.

The community clinic is located at 855 West California Ave (1330 South) in Salt Lake City, UT. The phone number is 801-977-0502.

The clinic is located at 54 North 800 West in Salt Lake City, UT. The phone number for the clinic is 801-359-0901.

This is an address in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Maliheh Free Clinic is located at 415 East 3900 South in South Salt Lake, Utah. You can reach them by dialing 801-266-3700. They offer primary health care and referral to other local clinics, including hospitals, specialists, and ways to get access to outreach services and help for all medical conditions.

The Oquirrh View Community Health Center is a clinic located at 4745 South 3200 West in West Valley City, UT 84118. The primary phone number for the clinic is 801-964-6214.

The Seraphine Clinic is located at 6216 South Redwood Road in Taylorsville, UT 84123. The phone number for the clinic is 801-963-6966.

Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner The two authors, Stephen D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner, are well-known for their book, Freakonomics. The Ratcliffe Community Health Center is a hospital and medical center that provides care to those who may not be able to afford it otherwise. They accept government insurance, and people who have no health insurance coverage or who have low incomes may qualify for lower priced hospital and medical bills. Ask your friends or family members if they know anyone who could help you with your project.

The Utah Partners for Health center is located at 3665 South 8400 West in Magna, Utah. The phone number for the center is 801-417-0131.

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