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Salvation Army assistance programs in Barnstable County.

There are two main Salvation Army locations in Barnstable County. One is located in Hyannis and the other is located in Sandwich. The organization provides mostly supplies such as food or warm clothing, but there may be other types of assistance as well. Some programs only offer a limited amount of help, such as assistance with heating bills or rental costs for housing. Referring to other sources of financial aid in Hyannis or West Yarmouth.

The Christian faith-based group tries to help people who are in difficult situations. The Barnstable County Salvation Army can provide assistance to people in need, whether they need guidance, material support, or some other type of aid. The company has two locations, one in Hyannis, Massachusetts and the other in West Yarmouth, MA. You can reach the Hyannis location by dialing (508) 508-775-0364 and the West Yarmouth location by calling (508) 771-0307.

Programs available for low income families

Food is always a priority. The soup kitchen serves breakfast and lunch, and there is also an emergency food bank. The soup kitchen is open from 8:30-9:30am on weekdays, and provides breakfast for those in need in Cape Cod. The cafe offers coffee, bread, pastries, and other items. There is a daily lunch served from 11:30am-12:15pm that includes more substantial items such as soup, sandwiches, etc.

The children and youth of Barnstable County are always kept as a focus. There are activities to help students grow as people, including classes and programs to improve their academic skills, provide role models and support, and help with their overall well-being. Some schools offer basic necessities like school supplies for free. It also provides parents with a place to bring their kids if they meet the requirements for services. This service helps youth under the age of 17 connect with resources and opportunities.

The Family Store provides funding for many Salvation Army programs in Barnstable County. This is where people can buy gently used goods. The Cape Cod Community Foundation is a place where people can volunteer and donate money to help improve the lives of people in the Cape Cod area. If someone wants to work at the library, they can gain some job skills too.

The store offers a wide range of products. There may be beds, furniture, couches, school backpacks, medical equipment and more that need to be removed from the home. Toys are available for purchase year-round, with popular gift-giving occasions being birthdays and Christmas. All items for sale are used, but sometimes there are items that come in new boxes.

The Salvation Army in Barnstable County also helps children, seniors, and the homeless at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Volunteers from the community help businesses, non-profits, and other groups to keep these services running. They work together to collect toys from Angel Tree and Adopt a Family, receive donated surplus food items, and items such as Turkeys and more. These items are given to low income families who qualify.

Christmas assistance, including Angel Tree, typically starts accepting applications for free toys and gifts during October. The Cape Cod region in the United States typically celebrates Thanksgiving with a feast in November. This is referring to the act of delivering food and small gifts to seniors during the Christmas season, including those who are in hospitals or nursing homes.

Some financial assistance may be available. The money raised from the United Way in Cape Cod and the thrift store sales will be used to help the community. The Barnstable County Salvation Army may be able to help a family who is close to eviction by providing a small amount of money to cover expenses like rent. If someone’s health is at risk without water, electric, or heat, then some financial aid may be offered for those costs. There are two ways to get emergency financial assistance from the government.

The Salvation Army has two locations on Cape Cod. Call them to start the intake process.

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