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Salvation Army assistance programs in Humboldt County.

The Humboldt County Salvation Army Corp Center can provide over 10 social services. The majority of the individuals who seek assistance from this charity organization are residents of the greater Eureka area; however, the organization provides aid to those in need throughout the county. There is help available for all age groups, but it is mainly for senior citizens and households with children.

The type of aid provided by the government varies based on the amount of funding available, the needs of the community, and even the time of year. Below is a list of some of the things that may be available in Humboldt County and Eureka. The Salvation Army will require evidence of income, need, and more before any assistance is given. An interview is often conducted, especially before financial aid is issued.

Emergency financial assistance and food assistance is often in high demand from the community, but is limited due to lack of resources. This means that it will only be done when everything else has failed and there are no other options left. The Salvation Army Corps Center in Eureka may be able to help with utility bills or rent if assistance is available. The money for this type of financial help (for housing, energy costs, etc.) often even comes from the on-site thrift store.

There is a greater chance that food will be given. The Eureka pantry provides this service. The case managers can provide information about CalFresh and other USDA commodity programs, as well as help you get a free or low cost box of groceries. After all, emergency food or rent help can only go so far. The applicant needs to sign up for long term benefits while working hard to become self-sufficient.

There are places to live available, including the Silvercrest Residences for elderly people, as well as emergency shelters. The senior center is located at 2141 Tydd Street, Eureka, CA 95501. The phone number is 707-445-3141. Housing solutions can not only provide a place to live, but can also offer other support services.

At Silvercrest, you can get help from services that cost less money. The Eureka Salvation Army shelters provide a variety of services such as clothing, hot meals, child care, and more. Most of the housing programs provided by the Salvation Army in Humboldt County require participants to pay a portion of their rent and living expenses. They may ask people to help out by cleaning up or working at the thrift store.

The Salvation Army in Humboldt County offers children’s educational and worship services. This means that there will not be strict income limits in place for these programs. The latchkey program is for children from the community who want to participate or enroll in character building/counseling services. There are also a variety of summer camps, youth ministries, and music classes available in different regions.

Seasonal Services – The Salvation Army provides additional assistance to those in need during holidays such as Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. -Thanksgiving turkeys and meals for the homeless.-Christmas gifts and toys for children. The Salvation Army has a few different programs to help families in need. The Adopt a Family program partners with churches and local stores to coordinate back to school supply drives. For Easter, they provide baskets for the very young in Humboldt County. Other season aid may be holiday parties, free food baskets, visitation to seniors or the homebound, additional financial aid for paying bills during Christmas, and much more.

More emergency aid and support is on the way. Some of the resources may also go towards disaster relief for families affected by a fire or natural disaster. The Salvation Army will also partner with other organizations that help people who are poor or don’t have a home. A thrift store is a place where you can buy gently used items. Case workers are a great resource for someone who needs someone to talk to or to get referrals from.

The Community Center is located at 2123 Tydd Street, Eureka, CA 95501. To get help from the Salvation Army in Humboldt County, call 707-442-6475.

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