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Salvation Army assistance programs in Ithaca region.

The Salvation Army will help families in the region of Tioga and Tompkins County New York as much as possible, even though its resources are limited. Most of the assistance is focused on helping families and individuals who are working but who have had an unexpected emergency, such as an unexpected medical bill or car repair expense. Short term crisis aid may be offered to individuals while they work on long term case management.

There are services available to help during and after a disaster. Clients often need to experience a major event, such as a flood, fire, or other disaster, in order to fully understand the potential of their insurance policy. If you have been affected by the recent events, the Salvation Army Worship and Service Center can provide you with various resources to help you get through this difficult time.

The Ithaca Kitchen Cupboard is a joint effort between churches, synagogues, Catholic Charities, and other non-profit organizations in Tompkins County. This is a group of churches that work together to improve their community. Many people work as part of the Cupboard to help those who are less fortunate and struggling to make ends meet. This organization provides food assistance either in emergency situations or on an ongoing basis. Meals are distributed Monday-Friday from 1:30pm-3:00pm. To be eligible for this assistance, applicants must provide documentation demonstrating their financial need, as well as identification and proof of residency. Clients may be helped once a month. This means that they can receive help with things like food, housing, and other needs that they may have.

Wherever you are in the US, the Salvation Army is determined to make sure everyone enjoys the Christmas season. They have a lot of ways to make poor people and children happy.

The Adopt-A-Family program is a program that helps low income and struggling families who are facing a severe economic, emotional, or physical crisis around Thanksgiving or Christmas. Some of the type families who are helping in Tompkins County area include families who are struggling to make ends meet, victims of domestic violence, grandparents who are primary caregivers of their grandchildren, or family members who are suffering from an illness. The agency will provide families in need with resources from sponsors who are interested in helping. The sponsor will provide gifts and holiday cheer for a family or children in need. They will buy them new toys, clothes, household items, winter coats and/or food. This will help make sure that people who are not as well-off in the area can get the help they need.

The Salvation Army centers in New York state will provide financial assistance as much as they are funded. The Tioga and Ithaca locations may be able to do this occasionally.

There is a lot of focus on preventing homelessness, which will include helping people with their rent and utility bills in an emergency. A counselor will usually meet with a potential client individually to talk about why they might need help. The case worker will help with more than just paperwork and applications.

Some forms of financial support may be offered if you qualify and there is money available. You will also get help with things like referrals, credit counseling, and other emotional support if you need it. The extra cash will hopefully prevent homelessness and the guidance will reduce the need for future help.

Other emergency assistance can help you with clothing for work or school. If you dress appropriately for the job you want, you are more likely to get hired and to keep the job. The Salvation Army can help you find a local clinic if you have a life-threatening condition. Vouchers that can be used to pay for prescription medications may be offered. Pantries have food and groceries.

The Angel Tree program is an option for people around the holidays. This may also provide new toys, gifts, or clothing for children from needy families. Trees will be placed in public areas around the counties, such as at post offices or malls. The people who help with or donate to the program will need to take one or more tags from the tree and buy the corresponding items.

Locations of Tompkins and Tioga Salvation Army centers

The phone number for 581 Broad Street in Waverly, New York is (607) 565-7137.

The address is 150 N Albany St., Ithaca, New York. The phone number is (607) 273-2400.

If you are in need of assistance from the Salvation Army, you can go to their center on Elmira Road in Ithaca, New York. You can also give them a call at (607) 273-3872.

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