Salvation Army assistance programs Warren, Edmonson, Butler County region.

The Salvation Army is a charity that helps people in need. If you need help with money, these people can give you a little bit of money to help you out. They can also help you by giving you referrals to other places that can help you. Lastly, they can help you by managing your case. The main social services involve providing free food, shelter, housing (rent or mortgage assistance), and energy bill assistance, but other forms of aid may also be available. There are social services and a thrift store in the counties of Edmonson, Warren, Butler, and Barren County.

The Warren County centers provide support to towns in the region, including Edmonson, Butler, and Barren. The Salvation Army will help people who are not well off, such as the elderly or families with young children. Some more information on their programs is given below.

Get financial help for electric bills, housing, and basic needs from the Salvation Army

One of the key resources is utility and heating bill assistance. This program is mostly provided by Atmos Energy in partnership with another company. The company will offer some type of one-time payment for bills, or case managers will explore payment plans with the customer. If you are disconnected from your Atmos account, you can try to reconnect by following these steps. If you need help with utility bills and are using another provider, find out how to get help.

The Salvation Army provides housing assistance from centers in Elizabethtown, Bowling Green, and Glasgow, Kentucky. If we have enough money, there might be some left over to pay for past due rent or a mortgage. There are emergency funds available to help prevent homelessness due to a utility disconnection, and this is where grant aid can be used. Social workers help low income families by connecting them to resources such as motel vouchers or homeless shelters.

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Shelter and housing that is temporary and transitional is also offered. The Salvation Army has a lot of beds and houses for people. The on-site soup kitchen at this location provides hundreds of people with meals or food every day. The housing centers provide guests with case management and information on finding permanent housing in the area.

The advice and case management staff are on site and available to help you. When a person needs support or just wants someone to listen, they can go to budgeting workshops, life skills, job training programs, employment services, and other referrals in Kentucky.

Salvation Army free items and seasonal assistance

Pantries and soup kitchens in Bowling Green offer meals and boxes of food. Providing food for those who are hungry and helping children and senior citizens get meals is a fundamental service. The centers will try to provide groceries or a hot meal to anyone who needs it, without regard to income, religion, or other factors. There are other places in Kentucky where you can get free food.

In some areas of the state, volunteers serve freshly prepared holiday meals. The holidays that are most popular are Thanksgiving and Christmas. This time of year, volunteers may offer seniors and the homebound home-delivered meals.

The Salvation Army coordinates programs for free school supplies, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The summer and fall months are when students K-12 will need to buy back to school supplies and clothes. During the fall and winter, free Thanksgiving turkey dinners and Christmas gifts/toy services are offered. These groups of people are the main ones who benefit from this.

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The address for the regional thrift store in Bowling Green, Kentucky is 401 West Main Avenue. The number to reach someone by telephone is 270-842-0880. This organization relies on donations from people in the community to continue operating. When someone donates gently used furniture, clothing or appliances to the Salvation Army, they are helping those in need and supporting a local cause. They are also providing support and happiness to countless local families as well as needy children in the greater Bowling Green community.

The stores sell various items such as furniture, clothing, and household goods. Some stores may offer school supplies and Christmas items. The money is used to pay for the costs of running the agency and its programs. The Salvation Army provides help to those in need through various assistance programs.

The last thing to consider is emergency financial assistance and/or disaster support. The amount of financial aid available is very small, but sometimes there may be money for rent (to prevent homelessness) or for medications in life-threatening situations. Utility shut offs can be fixed. The Salvation Army of Kentucky will work to keep people from being homeless, make sure people have enough to eat, and help people stay warm in the winter or cool in the summer.

The Salvation Army is always there to help during times of disaster. Good Samaritan provides assistance with food, water, shelter, and emergency lodging to those in need across Kentucky. The disaster programs help people during floods, tornadoes, and other events.

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Get help from Salvation Army in Elizabethtown and Bowling Green and counties

The locations of the centers are as follows. 9th Street is on the west side of 9th Street and between W. 4th and W. 5th Streets. The address 400 W. 9th Street is located on the west side of 9th Street, between the intersecting streets of W. 4th and W. 5th Streets. The address for Western Kentucky University is Main Ave, Bowling Green, KY 42102 and the phone number is 270-843-3485. Kentucky, (270) 769-9200. There are two other Family Health Centers nearby, one at 108 Shane Dr in Glasgow, Kentucky, and the other at 407 W Dixie Ave in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. To reach someone by phone, dial (270) 737-1984.

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