Salvation Army emergency assistance programs Big Stone Gap, Wise, Lee County area.

The Salvation Army provides religious and social services to the community in Big Stone Gap, Lee, and Wise County. This is a place where people who are struggling can go for help. They can get help with things like bills, food, rent, and addiction. The staff will help them without judging them. The center also provides opportunities for people to volunteer at a thrift store or donate clothing, groceries, and other items. This allows people in the community to give back and help those in need.

The support provided by the organization ranges from care for newborns to support for senior citizens. volunteers help people who are struggling in different ways. This can include immigrants, disabled people, unemployed people, drug addicts, and people who speak Spanish. Volunteers help these people by providing support and resources. Different programs may be available depending on what the applicant needs and how many resources are available.

Counseling and case management programs

The Big Stone Gap Salvation Army provides intensive case management. The staff will help the client create a detailed plan that addresses all of their challenges. There is help available for those who need to apply for government benefits, like SSI disability or food stamps. There are also classes to help build skills, and referrals to resources nearby.

The Salvation Army helps coordinate mental health, emergency medical, and drug and substance addiction counseling services. This can help the those who lack insurance or from Wise County and City of Norton that just need support in dealing with substance abuses.

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Free food and financial aid from Salvation Army

The Big Stone Gap Salvation Army soup kitchen and food pantry can be used when facing hunger. The food bank is open all year and can help with immediate needs while the family is waiting for or applying for other long-term assistance, like SNAP food stamps. If you meet the qualifications, you can only use the food pantry once every three months, and families are not allowed to come in every day to get help.

There are a lot of things in the pantry that can be given out. There may be not only food, but also personal hygiene items, household supplies, paper goods, and more offered. You may want to buy groceries such as canned meats (tuna, ham, chicken), dried beans, juices, vegetables, cereal, rice, pasta, and baby formula. Other food from the pantry can be given out. Or clients can learn about food assistance programs in Virginia.

When it comes to a crisis, referrals to, or direct financial assistance, may be an option. There are many services that may be offered to help people in need, such as assistance with rent or utilities, or even transportation to a job interview. If the family is too far behind to be helped by the Big Stone Gap or Wise County Salvation Army, then other solutions such as shelter or transitional housing are used.

Some financial relief may be used to address disasters. The Salvation Army is a key provider of food, vouchers, new clothing, and more. The bill paying programs can help those impacted by a disaster through a difficult period.

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The people who are most in need in Big Stone Gap, Wise, and Lee County will also benefit the most from this non-profit charity. This group includes a wide range of people, from seniors to veterans, single moms, or the disabled. This means that their income is the same every month and they cannot increase it. Some people may not be able to work because they have a disability or another condition that requires them to use their income to pay for medical bills. When someone is in need of help, the charity will try to support them.

If you are a senior, you can ask a Salvation Army volunteer to bring you a meal. There are also Christmas programs where children can get a small gift and a meal with other children their age. The City of Norton area Salvation Army provides summer day camp services for lower income single moms and their children. They also provide diapers and free cribs for newborns.

Veterans who are homeless are also a priority. There are shelters and transitional housing services administered for the needs of homeless people. The organization provides both housing and services to help people find employment. You can also get help from a VA health care plan or intake site to apply for a grant. The staff at the Veterans Affairs office work to help and support veterans and their families. They can provide information and assistance with benefits, healthcare, and other services.

The Big Stone Gap Salvation Army will help children and the elderly during the holidays and back-to-school shopping season. There are some government assistance programs that are available to help people during certain times of the year. Some organizations that help families in need during the holidays are Angel Tree or Adopt a Family. These items are then redistributed to individuals and families in need within the community.

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A qualified applicant may receive clothing, games, educational materials, new toys, and more. A parent can request what a child may need from the Salvation Army at Christmas, and if and when possible, it may be offered.

Salvation Army application process in Salvation Army Big Stone Gap

There are a few social services, a low cost thrift store, and other programs offered. The address is Big Stone Gap, Virginia, 24219. For more information, please call (276) 523-5643.

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