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Salvation Army financial assistance programs Porter County and Valparaiso.

Essential Services-Family Assistance is a social service provided by the Salvation Army of Porter County. It helps the less fortunate by providing them with necessities such as food and shelter. The charity provides various services including free food, housing, rent help, Christmas toys or school supplies from Dress up the Bus, and mentoring for children. It relies heavily on volunteers and donations from the public.

The charity’s goal is to help low-income families in Valparaiso and Porter County. They help people in need by providing emergency financial aid or free stuff, as well as case management services from Pathways of Hope.

Financial help and poverty fighting programs

The Choice Food Pantry is available for individuals or families who need groceries during a crisis. The center allows clients to select their own groceries using donations from stores such as Wal-Mart, Panera Bread, Pizza Hut or Kroger in Porter County. If someone is hungry, the Valparaiso Salvation Army can provide them a warm meal, such as lunch or breakfast.

The distribution center can only be used four times a year, with a certain number of days between each use. If the food pantry has a lot of food, they may give you enough groceries for 3 days, like soup, rice, cereal, baby formula, and more. The amount will also vary based on the number of people in the family.

The Salvation Army Family Service Center in Porter County provides many forms of assistance to people in need. The Christian charity group can provide everything from financial aid to material goods, case management, and spiritual guidance.

The staff use resources that have been donated to help the needy, as well as partnering with the United Way and local charities. There are many services that the Salvation Army provides for people in need. These services include things like giving out food vouchers, helping people pay their rent or mortgage, providing medical care, and giving out clothing. Some of the things that are provided are things like shelter and temporary housing for people like single moms or veterans. There are also programs in Indiana that help people who are at risk of becoming homeless. No matter what your race or religion is, you can still access family services.

The Salvation Army wants to help end poverty and keep families together. Pathways of Hope is a program designed to help people break the cycle of dependency. On-site case managers will offer support and resources to participants to help them achieve their goals. There are also some more focused housing specialists that help people who are homeless or at risk of being homeless to find and keep housing. There are many different activities involved in this process, including:

The staff at the Porter County Housing Authority helps clients find and pay for new permanent housing. They also work with partners to arrange classes on topics like nutrition, budgeting, and financial literacy. They cover job placement and self-help topics, and they can help with substance abuse issues like drug and alcohol addiction.

Many of the classes and workshops organized by the Salvation Army in Porter County use volunteers. It takes a lot of people working together to effectively end poverty, and no one person can do it alone. You can feel good by giving back to the Porter County community by volunteering or donating to the Salvation Army.

There are several free seasonal programs offered by the Salvation Army. The Dress up the Bus program provides back to school supplies to children in need, which may include essential clothing, notebooks, shoes, winter attire, and backpacks. This assistance can help ensure that children have the supplies they need to succeed in school. The Salvation Army also provides Christmas and Thanksgiving Meals at their corps buildings to anyone who requests one. This is done with the help of local restaurants and volunteers who cook the meals. This program aids families who can’t afford gifts for their children during the holiday season. The last program is Angel Tree, which helps families who can’t afford gifts for their children during the holidays. This social service provides free Christmas gifts of shoes, toys, clothing, and other holiday oriented items to youth in Porter County.

The main office is also a place for seniors to get help. This is an option that is available in Porter County and other communities. There are multiple clubs available to older adults where they can enjoy entertainment and socialization with peers, as well as spiritual encouragement. The Salvation Army provides a meal and companionship to people in need. If you are an elderly person and need assistance, read this article to find out where you can get help.

Applying for and contact information for Salvation Army in Porter County

There is not a lot of help available, especially when it comes to money for paying for bills. Some people will run out of money and have to stop at any time. This means that you have to meet certain conditions to be able to access social services. When applying for help from the Salvation Army of Porter County, please be sure to bring a picture ID for each person in the household, social security cards, birth certificates, proof of income and bills/lease, and any other required documentation. The case manager will read all of the documents carefully.

If you need more information about the services we offer, please come to our office at 799 Capitol Rd, Valparaiso, IN 46385. To reach the library by phone, dial (219) 762-9191.

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