Salvation Army Social Services and San Rafael assistance programs.

The Salvation Army in Marin County, which is based on Christian faith, can provide financial assistance to low-income workers. The resources provided include rent help, free food, clothes, and holiday programs. The resources are provided in a confidential and non-judgmental manner. The charity provides help to low income families, seniors, and others regardless of their religious beliefs.

The services offered to clients depend on the resources available and the client’s needs. The form of assistance may change depending on the time of year or season. This means that if you need financial assistance for expenses like bills, deposits, or rent, you should get it as soon as possible, because it may not be available later. The programs around Thanksgiving and Christmas start later in the year. The Salvation Army in San Rafael will also try to feed kids during the summer months or refer them to low cost summer camps. The type and amount of assistance provided varies depending on the situation.

Marin County residents have a few needs that tend to stand out more than others. These needs include access to quality education, safe and affordable housing, and reliable transportation. They offer emergency rent help for those who can’t afford the high priced housing in Marin County, affordable food from the pantry, and holiday assistance. The Salvation Army provides many services to help those in need, including food, clothing, and shelter.

Marin County Salvation Army social services

The charity’s number one request is for emergency financial aid. Being responsible for someone else is difficult. The San Rafael Salvation Army strives to help those in need by providing them with power and heat. The case managers can provide information on how to get rental assistance for those tenants who are at risk of eviction or who have been affected by a natural disaster.

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Some financial aid is given as vouchers. This means that they will not give you cash but they will help you in other ways. There may be help in obtaining prescription medications or gas vouchers to help pay for a doctor appointment. More vouchers from the Salvation Army can be used for clothing, rent, or a place to stay in Marin County.

The Salvation Army in San Rafael provides free food to those in need. If you want fresh food or canned groceries, you need to apply. The pantry is only open for a few days each week, and only for part of the day. It is open for 4 hours each day during the week. This means that people can only use it a maximum of four times per year, or once per quarter. The following things may be provided:

The food pantry may have a variety of different kinds of food, like peanut butter and jelly, canned fruits or meats such as spam and baby formula. There may also be acceptable fruits, vegetables, and a healthy drink for the elderly. New parents may be given baby formula, free items for infants, or other newborn items such as free diapers or furniture. There are a lot of resources available.

The Salvation Army in Marin County offers special programs during the holidays. They refer to these programs as seasonal services. If you want to apply for school supplies, you need to do it during the summer months. If you want to apply for Christmas help, you can do it from October onward. These are all programs with a set time limit.

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The children and senior citizens from working poor families are always the main recipients of these services. The San Rafael Salvation Army provides free Christmas toys to children in need through their Angel Tree program. This program provides supplies such as uniforms, book bags, backpacks, and more for students who need them.

The Salvation Army helps guide students to make better life choices and stay on the right path. This program is offered with the help of local Marin County school systems and the child’s guardian. If a student is hungry during the summer when school lunch and breakfast programs are not available, they may be given a snack or meal. Some schools also offer after school care and summer camps. Additional support is also available.

How to contact the San Rafael Center

The Salvation Army center in San Rafael is dedicated to helping those who are less fortunate. They provide assistance to the poor and disadvantaged. If a person needs resources that an agency does not have, the agency will gladly give referrals to other agencies in the region. The address is 351 Mission Avenue, San Rafael, California 94901. Pick up the phone and dial 415-459-4520.

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