Section 8 South Dakota.

The South Dakota Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program can help low income families by providing rental assistance in the form of monthly subsidies or vouchers. This program is administered by a number of agencies, including public housing authorities and non-profit agencies, on behalf of the federal government.

The goal of this program is to help low income families and the elderly. Every month, clients will receive a voucher that can be used to pay part of their rent. The voucher will be sent directly to the client’s landlord or the owner of the housing unit. The South Dakota program will limit the amount of rent a person can have to 30% of their total household income. The Section 8 voucher can be used to rent a variety of homes, including apartments or private residences, as long as they meet the requirements of the program. If you want more information about public housing, you can either call or visit one of the agencies listed below.

Aberdeen Housing Authority offers various low income housing programs. Their office is located on 3rd Avenue SEA in Aberdeen, South Dakota. The phone number is (605)225-9095 and the fax number is (605)225-8220. Learn about government programs that can help with rent, like the section 8 voucher program, and find other resources.

The Brookings is a hotel located at 1310 Main Ave S in Brookings, South Dakota. The hotel has a phone number of (605)692-1670.

The Burke817 is a street in Burke, South Dakota. The phone number is (605) 775-2676 and the fax is (605) 775-2382.

The Canton region can be found at 903 W 5th Street in Canton, South Dakota. The phone number for the Canton region is (605) 764-5722, and the fax number is (605) 764-3484.

De Smet408 Calumet Ave., P.O. Box 14Desmet, SD 57231Call: (605) 854-3213Fax: (605) 854-9287

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The Hot Springs location can be found at 201 S River Street in Hot Springs, South Dakota. The phone number for the location is (605) 745-4067 and the fax number is (605) 745-6706.

The address for Howard is 117 N Arthur Street, Howard, South Dakota 57349. The phone number for Howard is (605) 772-5782 and the fax number is (605) 772-5782.

The Huron town and city main address is 255 Iowa Ave., SE Huron, SD 57350. The main phone number for the Huron town and city is (605)352-1520. The fax number for the Huron town and city is (605)352-6382.

The Kennebec PO Box is located at 93 Kennebec, South Dakota 57544. To make an intake, call (605)869-2338.

This is the address and phone number for Lake Andes in South Dakota.

The address for Lake Norden is 702 Lakeview Street, Lake Norden, South Dakota 57248. The phone number for Lake Norden is (605) 785-3870.

Lemmon206 6th Street East, Lemmon, South Dakota 57638. Phone number: (605)374-5963. Fax: (605)374-5872

The address for Lennox is 217 S Pine Street in Lennox, South Dakota. The telephone number is (605) 647-2140, and the fax number is (605) 647-2140.

The address for the Madison location is 111 S Washington Avenue, Madison, SD 57042. The phone number is (605)256-2112 and the fax number is (605)256-9677.

The Martin Public Housing Authority is an organization that provides housing for low-income families in the city of Martin, South Dakota. The Authority also helps families with finding and securing employment, and provides other resources that families may need in order to improve their circumstances.

Comprehensive Exam The Milbank HA210 E. Comprehensive Exam is a test that gauges a person’s knowledge in a particular subject area. The address is 5th Avenue Milbank, South Dakota 57252. The phone number is (605) 432-7519 and the fax number is (605) 432-6911.

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The main address for Miller is 105 N Broadway Avenue in Miller, South Dakota. The phone number for Miller is (605)853-2869.

The address for Mitchell High School is 200 E 15th Avenue in Mitchell, South Dakota. The school’s phone number is (605) 996-6811 and their fax number is (605) 996-8717.

The Mobridge Public Health and Human Services is located at 116 4th Street in Mobridge, South Dakota. The phone number is (605) 845-2560 and the fax is (605) 845-3039.

The address for Murdo is: Murdo, E 5th Street, Murdo710 SD 57559. The phone number for Murdo is: (605)669-2681.

The Parker Housing Authority is a government organization that provides housing assistance to low-income families in the Parker, South Dakota area. They can be contacted by phone at (605) 297-4918 or by fax at (605) 297-2006.

The Pierre public housing agency office is located at 301 W Pleasant Drive, Pierre, SD 57501. Phone: (605)773-7425, Fax: (605)773-7375

Hwy. 36 Rapid City, SD 57702 The Pennington County Sheriff’s Office is located at 1805 West Highway 36 in Rapid City, South Dakota. Fulton St., Suite 101, Rapid City, SD 57702, Phone: (605)394-5350, Fax: (605)394-5354

12th Street A second location can be found at 1005 W. 12th Street. The address is 1st Street, Suite 4a Redfield, SD 57469.

The Sioux Falls Housing Authority is located at 630 S Minnesota Avenue in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Their primary phone number is (605)332-0704 and their fax number is (605)339-9305. You can contact them for information on housing choice vouchers and other government housing programs.

The Sisseton location can be found at 123 Chestnut Street E in Sisseton, SD 57262. The phone number for this location is (605)698-3463 and the fax number is (605)698-4225.

The address for the Lawrence County offices in Sturgis, South Dakota is 1220 Cedar Street #113. The office can be reached by phone at (605) 347-3384 and by fax at (605) 347-2861.

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The address for the Butte County Sheriff’s Office in Sturgis, South Dakota is 1220 Cedar Street #113. The phone number for the office is (605) 347-3384.

The Meade County PHA is located at 1220 Cedar Street in Sturgis, South Dakota. To contact the office, call (605) 347-3384 or fax (605) 347-2861.

The address for Vermillion is 25 Center Street in Vermillion, South Dakota. The phone number for Vermillion is (605)677-7191 and the fax number is (605)677-7192.

The Volga Public Housing Authority is responsible for providing housing for low-income residents of Volga, South Dakota. The Authority offers a variety of housing options, as well as programs and services to help residents find and maintain affordable housing.

The contact information for Clark 24 West Kemp in Watertown, SD for questions regarding Section 8 vouchers is (605) 886-2867. The fax number is (605) 886-7994.

The Watertown PHA24 W Kemp housing authority in Watertown, South Dakota provides low income housing and section 8 assistance to qualifying individuals and families. Those interested in learning more about this program or applying for assistance can contact the housing authority by phone or fax.

The address for Webster High School is 711 E 7th Street, Webster, South Dakota 57274. The phone number is (605) 345-3181 and the fax number is (605) 345-4440.

The Wessington Springs Housing Authority is located at 519 College Avenue NW in Wessington Springs, SD. The Authority can be contacted by phone at (605) 539-1560 or by fax at (605) 539-1560.

The Yankton Sioux Tribe is located on Walnut Street in Yankton, South Dakota. The telephone number is (605) 668-5256 and the fax number is (605) 668-5265.

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