Assistance Program

Seminole County Community Action Agency (SCCA) Assistance Programs.

The local agency SCCA provides resources to qualified applicants who are less fortunate and working poor in Seminole County. The government provides assistance for people in need with basic needs such as food, shelter, healthcare, and education. Housing and transportation are also typically covered.

Emergency financial help from SCCA

The Homeless Prevention Program is always in high demand. There may be money available to help families who are being evicted or who are homeless in Seminole County, Florida. Some examples of available resources include short-term rent assistance or, for more medium-term assistance, loans. The community action agency may be able to help with utility bills or emergency housing, or even provide vouchers for a motel stay.

The SCCA’s Prevention Assistance Program provides financial assistance to help with partial rent payments. However, the money is of secondary importance for partial mortgage or electric bill payments, and in any case, the funds are for eligible low and moderate-income households experiencing a onetime financial hardship. When applying for financial assistance, each household must show that they will be able to manage their own finances in the future.

The Rental Security and Utility Deposits Program provides funding to help pay for security deposits and utility payments for low-income families in Florida. The program is offered in partnership with the Florida Housing Finance Corporation (FHFC), Seminole County government, and the State Housing Initiatives Partnership Program. The goal of this project is to help residents of Seminole County find safe and affordable housing. These programs help with utility deposits by either giving money to cover the deposit or by working with the utility company to help lower the amount of the deposit.

The agency will make housing accessible to people who might not be able to afford it by helping with paying the deposit. If low-income or unemployed residents don’t have this type of assistance, a lot of them will become homeless or be in danger of getting evicted because they can’t afford rent, security deposits, or utility bills.

SCCA Shelter Plus Care Program (S+C) is funded by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development every year. The Continuum of Care Rental Assistance and Case Management Program is a program designed to help homeless individuals and families in Central Florida. The program provides rental assistance and case management services to help participants find and keep housing.

The Seminole County Environmental Services Department’s Good Neighbor Fund is a fund that helps pay for environmental projects that improve the quality of life in the county. The fund is run by a non-profit agency. This organization helps people who are struggling to pay their water and sewer bills by using money that has been donated by businesses and residents of the county.

Burial assistance in Seminole County is provided by community action and its partners. The state of Florida law requires the county to pay for this service, and there is also reimbursement by a given county for emergency services provided to residents from another county.

The SCCA community action agency uses funds from the Community Development Block Grant to help with dental needs. The government will help people who don’t have insurance and don’t have a lot of money to pay for dental services. This includes things like x-rays, cleanings, and dentures.

The Community Services Block Grant Employment service will help people who are low-income or underemployed to get the skills, knowledge, and motivation they need to become independent. The government also offers scholarships to help pay for training courses related to employment.

Community Action Seminole County Veteran Assistance

The Veterans Services Program from the SCCA provides Seminole County veterans with access to information, quality supportive services, and advocacy in order to improve their overall health and economic wellbeing. There is also help for people who depend on them, like their families, survivors, and others.

Program officers and staff members help military members and their families by providing them with resources. The government provides assistance with things like completing benefit claims, transportation, employment, education, and property tax exemptions. They also offer burial services. Other functions of the Veterans Affairs Department include educating the public about veteran benefits, helping veterans file claims with the department, and teaching veterans the skills they need to be independent.

For disabled and homebound veterans, community action agency representatives will travel to their residences. They will bring applications to their home, answer questions, and offer other support. There are several organizations in Florida that help veterans with a variety of services. These services can include housing assistance, financial assistance, employment assistance, and more.

Applying to SCAA

Lakeside Drive, Oviedo. The Seminole County Community Agency group is located at 534 W. Lakeside Drive, Oviedo. This is the address of the Sanford Police Department in Sanford, Florida. Please call 407-665-2300.

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