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Society of St. Vincent De Paul assistance programs Dayton and Montgomery County.

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul can provide meals, emergency food boxes, shelter, transitional housing and more to people in need. The charity and its churches will help those in need in the community. The St. Vincent de Paul Society is focused on helping residents of Dayton and Montgomery County, Ohio who are struggling with food and housing insecurity. They provide a variety of services to help people in need, including food pantries, hot meals, and rent and utility assistance.

Free or low cost items in Dayton area

A food pantry is a place where people can go to get food. The food bank provides non-perishable food items, fresh meats, fruits, vegetables, rice and breads to people in need. People who can’t afford to buy food are given groceries and otheritems. The St. Vincent de Paul’s pantry is a food bank that provides food for people in need.

Some people who are unable to leave their homes in Dayton, Ohio, can get help from Meals on Wheels. This is a free donation program from the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and its partners. A small amount of money given to help pay for something is appreciated. The program provides healthy, USDA-approved frozen meals, commodities, and other items, as well as a wellness check. Meal on Wheels is a program that delivers meals to people who are unable to leave their homes.

The Community Furniture Bank can help those who are transitioning from emergency shelters into more permanent housing. The Dayton Society of St. Vincent de Paul uses volunteers to help with logistics such as picking up and storing furniture items donated by the community. These items are then made available for selection by clients and case managers who are in need of them. The number 937-222-7349 can be pronounced as nine three seven, two two two, seven three four nine.

Anybody can go to Community and Thrift Stores. The Montgomery County Ohio thrift store is a great place for people in need to find low-cost clothing, furniture and household items. The store is open to the public, so anyone can come and shop for items they need. The money will be used to pay for financial assistance programs at St. Vincent.

HousingĀ  resources from the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul

Gateway Shelters provides a safe place for single women and families with children to stay. Gettysburg Gateway is a program for single men. Clients can receive housing, free meals, gently used clothing, personal care items, message and mail services. Most nights, dozens of people use these shelters.

A transitional housing program that provides a safe and nurturing environment for people who are experiencing homelessness is known as a Safe Haven. The program provides services to people who have recently been evicted from their homes, or who are hard-to-reach homeless persons with severe mental illness, a medical condition, or other debilitating behavioral conditions. Many of the people who receive assistance from St. Vincent’s are women and men who have been homeless multiple times and have not been able to take advantage of other housing or supportive services. The goal is to help people become stabilized, find new permanent housing and learn how to access and use other local relevant service providers and non-profits.

Safe Haven offers resources that include things like nutritious meals, 24-hour case management, clothing and personal care items, and more. The counseling will help provide an environment that is good for personal growth, stabilization, and trust-building that encourages positive change and linkage to relevant services. Other financial assistance may be available from non-profit community agencies and public aid.

The goal is to have a permanent home. Many low income people have a lot of difficult challenges and problems, not just with housing. They may have other conditions or disabilities along with their addiction, or they may have serious medical problems. The St. Vincent Permanent Supportive Housing programs provide a safe and secure place to live, along with coaching in life skills, case management, referrals to appropriate services, assistance in finding employment and housing, and other support.

Some government grants may be offered for putting down a deposit or paying the first month’s rent. The Dayton Society can help people apply for Rapid Rehousing, which can help them find a new home quickly. The goal of the state of Ohio’s permanent supportive housing is to keep participants from returning to homelessness and stabilize them in their homes. The Rapid Rehousing program provides financial assistance to help people who are homeless move into permanent housing. The program pays for rent, security deposits, and moving costs. It also provides case management and other support services to help people keep their housing.

The Dayton Transitional Housing programs provide a place to live for homeless women, families with children, and men who are drug and alcohol-free. They also offer an integrated residential support program and educational services. Clients need to be dedicated to becoming independent and obtaining housing that will last. The following are some of the services available.

You can meet with a social worker to get help reaching your goals. The social worker will provide comprehensive case management services, which are free. The Society of Saint Vincent can help people find safe and affordable housing for up to two years. It is important to create and implement action plans which address different areas of life, such as employment, personal finances, home management, personal development, education and permanent housing.

Applying for Montgomery County Ohio SVDP programs

The main office for Montgomery County is located at 15 S St Clair St., Dayton Ohio. There are a few parishes and centers located throughout the county, as well as many volunteers who help with various tasks. If you would like to speak to someone about potentially receiving care, please call (937) 222-3661.

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