Society of St. Vincent de Paul assistance programs Marathon County and Wassau.

The Marathon County Saint Vincent de Paul provides financial help to people in need using money raised from the sale of goods at its thrift store in Wassau, Wisconsin. The emergency financial aid can be used to pay for housing-related expenses such as rent, utilities, or a mortgage. There is also free stuff available from the Society of St. Vincent De Paul in Marathon County. This may include food, clothes, furniture, or even transportation. Visits to one’s home are necessary for individuals who require assistance.

The Cabrini Conference is the main church in the area. The Goodwill also has partnerships with churches, the United Way, and other groups. These groups provide volunteers that work at the Goodwill thrift store and also donate items to the store. The money raised is used to pay for expenses.

Low-cost thrift store in Marathon County

It costs money for a charity to offer financial assistance. The organization needs money to pay for its operating expenses, such as rent and electricity. The thrift store is a great place to find affordable items.

This place is for people to come and get cheap stuff or medical supplies. The office also provides information about other social services available in the community, such as shelter, emergency financial assistance, the free food pantry, and community clinics in Wisconsin that offer healthcare. In other words, the thrift store makes money by selling things, and that money is used to pay for the services offered by the thrift store.

There are many reasons that the thrift store exists in the community. Our agency’s key reasons for existence are twofold: first, to sell gently used items to the public, and second, to use the proceeds to give back to the Marathon County community.

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Saint Vincent de Paul Conference emergency financial assistance

The Social Services program from the Cabrini Saint Vincent Conference provides counseling, emergency financial aid, and referrals from a reference database from the United Way. There is support to help people become more independent. The goal is to offer families requesting help accurate information. A home visit is required for this financial assistance.

The purpose of this visit is to make sure that the need exists. Do the applicant have enough food to eat? Do they need furniture for their home or apartment? Do they have a profession. Do they have a job or profession. The SVDP home visit confirms all of this and more.

When someone asks for help from the St. Vincent de Paul Society in Wisconsin, they check to see if the person really needs help and what kind of help they need. A home visit is when a staff member comes to your home.

To be eligible for a grant, clients must either be employed, disabled, enrolled in school or training, or elderly. If you need assistance, you can work with a SVDP case worker. The non-profit charity offers monetary assistance for Rent or Mortgage payments, utilities, Prescription Assistance, a Food Crisis Cupboard, and School Supplies for children.

The Licensed Social Workers will also provide other forms of support. The team members at the non-profit organization will work one-on-one with each person who comes to them for help. They will help the person find a way to continue their education or training, and give them advice on how to prepare for future expenses. Other services available in Marathon County include programs for addressing drug and alcohol abuse, GED programs, job training, and mental health care. There is also help for medical or dental needs if you have an underlying health condition.

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The money that can be spent on bills, rent, or expenses is limited. The Society of Saint Vincent typically only provides up to $300 in financial assistance. In addition, the funds are paid to the person or company that the person owes money to, such as a landlord, utility company, or other provider. The applicant never receives the funds directly.

Applying for help or the Marathon County SVDP thrift store

The thrift store is located at 131 West Thomas Street, Wausau, Wisconsin and the phone number is 715-298-3028. Referrals are needed for financial aid. The Society does not offer support if you do not ask for it. Please call the number 715-848-1046.

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