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Spartanburg and Union County Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army provides services in Spartanburg County, South Carolina. They offer help with rent, mortgages or electric bills on certain days of the week for those who qualify. Other resources that may be available to help include a family thrift store, case management, and referrals to other agencies or programs. You can get free food from a food pantry, as well as Christmas toys or school supplies. The work that they do is not very reliable and could end at any moment due to a lack of funds. The Salvation Army may be able to provide referrals if they are unable to help. In addition to serving the people of Union County, the services are also available to those who live nearby.

The financial assistance programs that are most in demand are the ones that people are most in need of. The Spartanburg County Salvation Army provides financial assistance to help cover utilities, housing and emergency rental costs. You need to make an appointment and there is a limited amount of money. Be prepared to answer questions about your household, income, and expenses in an interview. Bring identification for you and all members of your household, as well as copies of your bills and lease. You may also need to provide other supporting documentation.

Most of the aid is for people who are about to be disconnected from their utilities or who have already been evicted. This means that families with young children, senior citizens, and/or the disabled will be given priority when it comes to income. The main number for Spartanburg is 864.576.6670. You can call this number for information on making an appointment.

Thrift stores are located in the area. These allow people to shop and their purchases always help the Salvation Army help others. The money raised is used to fund various resources.

The Spartanburg Salvation Army Family Store is a great place to find affordable prices on a variety of items. The locations will usually have a wide range of things like clothes, furniture, sports equipment, household items, books, Christmas toys, electronics and more.

Low-income individuals or those who have experienced a disaster, such as a fire, may be eligible to receive free items or clothing. A voucher or gift certificate will be given to the person so they can shop at the thrift store. The Salvation Army Spartanburg County Corps Community Center is funded by the purchases made by customers from the stores. The goods sold here are usually of good quality and reasonably priced.

The ministry provides outreach and social services. The case managers work to improve the quality of life and care for those in Spartanburg and Union Counties. They connect individuals and families with resources and support to help them thrive. The Social Service resources provide clothes, food, and money to low income families. This organization provides assistance to people who need it and they are available all year. Some of the things that can be offered are: -medications -rent help -free fuel -clothing -counseling Please call 864.576.6670 to speak to someone about our services.

The Salvation Army focuses on helping young people and children. There are some programs that focus on children from low income families. This refers to activities and material support such as free back-to-school supplies. There are a few different ways that you can go about getting holiday gifts for your family in Spartanburg. One way is through the regional Angel Tree or Adopt a Family services. This is where you can adopt a family and get them gifts that they need or want. Another way is through the Spartanburg Christmas Bureau. This is where you can get gifts for your family if you are in need. There are a few other ways to get gifts as well, but these are the two most popular ways. Case managers want children to have the best possible life, regardless of their family’s circumstances.

If you need a referral, we can provide one. If someone does not qualify for Salvation Army emergency aid, social workers can direct them to other options. This can include places like food pantries or non-profit organizations. There are programs available to help low-income families with things like food and heating costs. These programs are often run by the government, and you can usually apply for them through your local social services office. Other choices are available to residents.

There are many organizations that help people who are homeless or facing eviction. These organizations may provide shelters or funds to help with a partial rent payment. Some people from Union County or South Carolina towns have a hard time because they are unemployed or going through a difficult time. The Salvation Army tries to help people before they become homeless. Case managers help clients manage their challenges and regain stability.

Applying to Spartanburg Salvation Army and contact information

The main Salvation Army centers are located at 40 Foster St in Spartanburg, South Carolina (phone (864) 576-8330) and at 215 S Mountain St in Union, South Carolina. I would like to dial the number 864-427-0656.

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