Rent Assistance

St. Tammany Parish rental assistance.

There are several rental assistance programs available for residents of St. Tammany who are struggling to pay their rent or have received an eviction notice. There are many organizations that help people who are in need, such as the government, non-profit agencies, and charities. These organizations focus on helping groups such as the less fortunate, families with children, and seniors. The programs are designed to help those who are low income, unemployed, or struggling. There are many housing and rent assistance programs available that can help people in the St. Tammany Parish area find a more affordable home or apartment to move into. There are resources available to help with paying security deposits and first month rent.

Some of the most prominent non-profit organizations that offer referrals or assistance are listed below. Most locations in the parish have little to no money. This means that there will be a lot of people trying to get into these programs and not everyone will be able to get in right away. Since there is limited funding and resources, most individuals or families who are applying for help from St. Tammany Parish will need to have an eviction notice. Sometimes people who have a medical condition or who have had an emergency that was caused by circumstances out of their control may qualify for assistance.

The Caring Center of Slidell is a homeless shelter that helps single parent families, homeless women and children. However, people who stay there may also be able to receive case management and other emergency assistance, including information on how to obtain permanent housing. 1020 Stadium Drive, Slidell, Louisiana 70460. This is the address of the Slidell Municipal Stadium. The phone number is 985-646-1368.

Catholic Charities can help lower income families and individuals with things like money and social services. Some government agencies and non-profit organizations offer financial help with rent, utilities, and other housing expenses. They also operate a community residence at the location. This is the address of the airport in Slidell, Louisiana. The telephone number is 985-641-4914.

The Emergency Shelter Program provided by Catholic Charities offers individuals and families comprehensive services and assistance to help them move from homelessness to self-sufficiency. The program provides emergency shelter and permanent housing to those in need. Another partner organization is the Hispanic Apostolate Catholic Charities. This group can help with emergency needs, including housing. -There are many more resources available for low income and working poor people in Louisiana.

Community Based Residential Homes offer help with activities of daily living and can teach people the skills they need to live independently. Agency based in Slidell. The number 985-641-4976 is a phone number.

The Covington Housing Authority manages the section 8 voucher program for St. Tammany Parish. Vouchers can be issued to help you pay a portion of your rent. The address is 303 W 33 Street, Covington, Louisiana 70433. Please call the number 985-898-0345.

Rouquette Lodge offers seniors affordable housing and apartments. This non-profit also has a good relationship with Catholic Charities. The address for this location is 4300 Highway 22, Mandeville, Louisiana. The phone number to reach them is 985-626-5217.

Safe Harbor of Covington provides help and shelter for people who have been victims of domestic violence. There are many programs available to help people who are trying to get resettled. These programs can provide legal support, help with rent, and other services.

The Travelers Aid Society of GNO can help people who are about to be evicted or become homeless. The Crisis-Intervention/Case Management Program can help people who are currently homeless. Look for programs that offer financial assistance for rent or other emergency expenses. The agency may also have services to support basic needs. The program provides vouchers for clients to receive shelter, housing, and energy assistance, as well as a place to store belongings. The parish Travelers Aid also provides a place for the homeless to stay during the day and a break from the everyday struggles of being homeless. If you would like to learn more about the program, please call (504) 586-0010.

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