Success Stories From ‘Shark Tank India’: 9 Startups That Achieved Tremendous Growth

Just as you flicked on your TV to watch ‘Shark Tank India’, we’ve been tracking the progress of nine startups that wowed the sharks and soared to new heights.

From gourmet popsicles to health-centric ice creams and tech marvels, these startups have not only boasted impressive sales growth, but also expanded their reach across borders. Some even ventured into product diversification and championed traditional Indian herbs and eating habits globally.

Prepare to uncover the unique journeys, innovative strategies, and commendable recognition these startups have garnered.

Let’s embark on this exploration, shall we?

Key Takeaways

  • Several startups showcased tremendous growth after featuring on ‘Shark Tank India’, with significant sales increases and international expansions.
  • These startups diversified their product offerings, leading to increased customer interest and higher sales.
  • A number of these startups initiated retail distribution, expanded to new markets, and launched innovative products.
  • These startups experienced a surge in their website traffic, indicating a greater online presence and brand visibility.

Skippi Ice Pops: Sales and Expansion

Imagine skyrocketing your monthly sales from a modest Rs 5 Lakhs to an astounding Rs 70 Lakhs, well, that’s exactly what Skippi Ice Pops pulled off! How, you wonder? It’s all about flavor innovation and market penetration. They’ve spiced up the ice pop world with their unique, fun flavors. Think mango chili or strawberry cheesecake, on a stick! This isn’t your average popsicle, it’s a taste revolution on ice.

But flavor innovation was only half the battle. Skippi didn’t rest until their ice pops reached every nook and cranny of the market. They penetrated deep, targeting both urban and rural areas, and boy did it pay off! So next time you’re in the mood for an icy treat, remember, Skippi’s got your back, and your taste buds too!

Get A Whey: Health-Driven Success

Get ready to ditch the guilt with Get A Whey, an ice cream brand that’s reshaping the way millennials indulge in their favorite treat. This health-driven brand has redefined dessert by aligning with current health trends and successfully capturing the millennial market.

  1. Sales Growth: The company’s sales skyrocketed from Rs 20 Lakhs to between Rs 80 Lakhs and Rs 1 Cr per month.
  2. Healthy Indulgence: With high protein, zero added sugar, low fat, and low-calorie products, they’re making ice cream guilt-free.
  3. Millennial Appeal: They’ve cleverly tapped into the health-conscious millennial market with their nutritious alternatives.
  4. Expansion: They’ve expanded their distribution to 19 cities, making their healthy treats more accessible.

Get A Whey’s success story is a testament to the power of a great product that meets market needs.

Hammer Lifestyle: Skyrocketing Sales

Busting onto the scene with a massive sales surge, Hammer Lifestyle’s sales shot up from Rs 70 Lakhs to a staggering Rs 2 Cr per month. Skyrocketing sales weren’t the only win for this innovative brand. Website visitors soared from 30k to an impressive 400k, and the company expanded its product range from 14 to 21 SKUs.

Brand partnerships played a significant role in this growth story. Hammer Lifestyle’s strategic collaborations helped elevate its brand visibility, contributing to its sales momentum. The company also initiated offline distribution, reaching out to a larger customer base.

Adding to this success, the team underwent significant expansion, along with crucial technological upgrades. Hammer Lifestyle’s journey is a testament to the power of dynamic leadership, strategic partnerships, and a relentless focus on growth.

Tagz Food: Diversified Growth

Tripling in growth post-show, Tagz Food has made a splash in the market with its inventive product expansion and far-reaching distribution strategy. Here’s why:

  1. Product diversification: They expanded their product line to include dips and chocolate cigars, appealing to a wider customer base and enhancing their product diversity.
  2. Market expansion: They grew from a presence in 6 cities to a staggering 20 across India, even reaching international shores in Dubai, Kuwait, and Australia.
  3. Production boost: Tagz Food has ramped up their production capacity by establishing six new manufacturing units.
  4. Impressive growth: Their strategic moves have resulted in the company tripling its growth, post their appearance on Shark Tank India.

In the world of startups, Tagz Food is a testament to the power of diversification and market expansion.

The Sass Bar: Expanding Product Range

Moving from food to personal care, The Sass Bar has made significant strides with a noteworthy expansion of their product range. The startup’s expanding offerings now include a variety of enticing bath and body products, successfully penetrating the market with their unique, high-quality goods.

Sales have skyrocketed from a respectable Rs 6 Lakhs to a whopping Rs 10-20 Lakhs per month. This impressive growth isn’t only a testament to the brand’s savvy business strategies but also indicative of the consumers’ love for their products. They’ve launched new SKUs, broadening their reach and appeal to a larger audience.

The Sass Bar’s journey showcases the power of innovation and diversification in achieving tremendous growth. Keep an eye out, because this brand is on the rise!

Auli Lifestyle: Retail Expansion

In the bustling world of retail, Auli Lifestyle has knocked it out of the park, initiating a massive retail distribution network that’s catapulted their sales from Rs 10-12 Lakhs to an impressive Rs 30-37 Lakhs per month.

Here are the key factors in Auli’s retail expansion:

  1. They’ve strategically placed their products in all Mumuso stores, significantly boosting visibility and accessibility.
  2. The launch of an affordable range has attracted a wider customer base, thus driving sales.
  3. Auli’s focus on quality and packaging has given them a competitive edge in the crowded skincare market.
  4. They’re not resting on their laurels. Plans are afoot for international exports, showing their ambition to take the brand global.

Auli Lifestyle’s success story exemplifies the power of strategic retail expansion.

Namhya Foods: International Market Penetration

While Auli Lifestyle is making its mark in retail, let’s shift our attention to Namhya Foods, a brand that’s stirring up the culinary scene with its successful penetration into international markets. This company, known for its focus on promoting Indian herbs and traditional eating, isn’t just content with local success. They’ve expanded their global distribution, launching in the UAE, UK, US, and Canada.

That’s right, they’ve achieved laudable market penetration, transforming from a local startup to an international player. Their new tea for kidney and gastric problems is just one example of the innovative products propelling them forward. With a growth from Rs 10 lakhs to a whopping Rs 40 lakhs per month, Namhya Foods is undoubtedly a success story from ‘Shark Tank India’.

Brain Wired: Innovation Recognition

Ever heard of a company that literally connects the dots between technology and agriculture to create innovative tech products? Meet Brain Wired, a startup that has earned innovation recognition in an impressive manner.

Here’s a quick rundown on their achievements:

  1. Their sales growth skyrocketed from a modest Rs 1-2 Lakhs to a robust Rs 35 Lakhs per month.
  2. They’ve been recognized among the top 75 success stories in Indian agriculture.
  3. Known for their innovative tech products, they’ve managed to revolutionize the agri-tech sector.
  4. They’re now initiating international export operations, crossing borders with their unique blend of technology and farming.

Nomad Food Project: International Expansion

Shifting gears from agri-tech to the food industry, let’s feast our eyes on the success of Nomad Food Project, a venture that’s cooking up a storm with its international expansion strategy. Starting with a sales growth from a mere Rs 5 Lakhs to a hearty Rs 19 Lakhs per month, this foodie startup has spiced things up by initiating international shipping, serving their delicacies not just locally, but globally too.

But the recipe for their success doesn’t stop there. They’ve been stirring the pot by increasing their team strength, bringing in more chefs to their kitchen, if you will. This team expansion has allowed them to cater to a larger audience, ensuring their international patrons get a taste of their mouth-watering offerings.

Growth Strategies: Behind the Success

Let’s dive into the secret sauce of these success stories, and uncover the growth strategies that catapulted these startups into the limelight.

  1. Behind the scenes, each team worked tirelessly to streamline their operations, ensuring operational efficiency was at its peak.
  2. They forged strategic partnerships that not only helped in expanding their customer base but also provided valuable industry insights.
  3. Marketing tactics were meticulously planned and executed, using social media, influencers, and targeted ads to reach potential customers.
  4. Lastly, careful financial planning ensured that each rupee was put to good use, fueling growth while keeping expenditures in check.

These tactics may sound simple, but it’s their consistent application that results in tremendous growth.


As you dive back into your world, picture these 9 ‘Shark Tank India’ startups as brightly lit beacons, guiding the entrepreneurial seas.

Like a gourmet ice pop melting barriers, or a hammer smashing sales records, they’ve navigated through storms of challenges.

They symbolize the power of perseverance, the spirit of innovation, and the potential of Indian entrepreneurship.

Let them inspire you to chart your own course, and who knows? Maybe someday, you’ll be the next beacon lighting up the ‘Shark Tank’.

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