Suffolk County foreclosure prevention.

Homeowners in Suffolk County New York can contact non-profit housing counseling agencies that have been approved by HUD. The organizations offer free or reduced priced financial counseling and foreclosure prevention services for homeowners who are facing default on a primary residential mortgage.

Counselors from these organizations will work with the client and their bank or mortgage holder to create a payment plan that is fair and realistic for both parties. Also, counselors will, when possible, offer mortgage counseling to homeowners with FHA loans and conventional loans. If you’re having trouble paying your mortgage, specialists can help by talking to your lender and looking for ways to keep you from foreclosure. The counselors will help individuals and families become financially stable in the long term through credit services and budget analysis. They help stop people from being taken advantage of when borrowing money.

The American Debt Resources office is located at 248C Larkfield Road in East Northport, New York, and their phone number is 1-800-498-0766. They offer foreclosure counseling, debt reduction and consolidation programs, credit repair, and more.

The Central Islip Civic Council is a community organization located in Central Islip, New York. They are dedicated to improving the quality of life for residents of the community through various programs and initiatives.

Asian Americans can get help with mortgages, and there are counselors who speak Southeast Asian languages.

The Community Development Corporation of Long Island is an organization that helps improve communities. They work with businesses and government officials to create programs that benefit everyone.

The NIS is an organization that helps people in Suffolk County, New York to have better economic opportunities. They are located in Patchogue, and their phone number is 631-289-2124.

Greenpath is a non-profit agency that helps with things like foreclosure, credit repair, and finding mortgage assistance programs. They are approved by HUD and they have a toll free number you can call for help.

Housing Help, Inc. is a HUD approved housing counseling agency located in Greenlawn, NY. They can be contacted at 631-754-0373. Free advice and counseling may be available to low to moderate income homeowners.

This non-profit provides services to residents of western Suffolk County. If you’re struggling with a predatory home loan, counselors may be able to help by negotiating and mediating a solution between you and your lender. We also have Spanish speaking staff.

The Long Island Housing Partnership, Inc. is an organization located in Hauppaugue, New York that provides housing assistance. The organization can be contacted by phone at 631-435-4710.

The Long Island Housing Services, Inc. may be able to help Suffolk County residents who are facing foreclosure. They offer free counseling to see if you qualify for their assistance. If you need someone to talk to in order to sort out your thoughts and feelings, consider meeting with a counselor. Counselors are trained professionals who will provide you with high quality services in confidence. They can help you get a lower interest rate, waive some fees, and stop an impending foreclosure. If someone needs help that an organization can’t provide, they may be able to refer them to another local organization.

NIS – Long Island Housing Services, Inc. is located at 640 Johnson Avenue, Suite 8 in Bohemia, New York. They can be reached by calling 631-467-5111.

The North Fork Housing Alliance is a non-profit organization located in Greenport, New York. They offer affordable housing options and resources for low- and moderate-income families. To learn more about their services, you can call their office or visit the Town of East Hampton’s website.

The Economic Opportunity Council Of Suffolk, Inc. is an organization that offers financial assistance and resources to those in need. They have a variety of programs that can help individuals and families with their financial needs. The website provides not only information on housing and mortgage assistance, but also on electric assistance, food, health care, and more. The goal is to help those with low incomes become able to support themselves.

The NIS is a Wyandanch Community Development Corporation that only serves homeowners in parts of western Suffolk. The corporation’s phone number is 631-253-0139, and the Wyandanch office’s phone number is 631-643-4786.

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