Tampa Crossroads assistance programs.

Tampa Crossroads is a organization that helps veterans with housing and employment. Other programs are also available for the disabled and low income across the area, including Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas County Florida, and the non-profit offers a full spectrum of care to the less fortunate in the community.

Help for veterans

The priority is on assisting the thousands of men and women who are veterans that live in Florida and served the state and country. There are services available to help veterans, including SSVF, to develop skills and lead a healthier, higher quality of life. Tampa Crossroads provides support for people who are dealing with homelessness, trauma, abuse, unemployment, addiction, and other problems.

The program has a staff of well-trained and caring individuals who use a holistic approach to help clients grow. After assessing the applicant’s strengths and weaknesses, a plan of action is created to address their physical, mental, and social needs.

Female veterans can find housing at ATHENA House. The Tampa Crossroads resource was established to provide a secure and safe environment for clients. The program provides low income housing for up to two years. The guest will be working with a case manager to help them improve their income and job stability. The focus will be on helping female veterans.

While living at ATHENA House, veterans can get help to access government benefits they are entitled to. The individuals will be given help to find a job, free healthcare, transport services and other support to help them with their daily needs. Haley Veterans’ Hospital, the University of South Florida’s Department of Psychiatry and others, the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay is turning the old Tampa General Hospital building into a one-stop shop for people with mental health and substance abuse disorders. The Crisis Center of Tampa Bay is collaborating with other organizations in Hillsbourgh County to repurpose the old Tampa General Hospital building into a facility that will provide comprehensive care for individuals with mental health and substance abuse disorders. The Haley and Bay Pines Veterans Administration Hospitals work together to provide care and services for homeless female veterans.

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This means that the ATHENA House team also helps veterans from the Tampa Crossroads’ Veterans Assistance Center with things like finding a job and getting permanent housing that they can afford. Some people live in private apartments, while others live in public housing. In some cases, public housing can be turned into private apartments.

Tampa Crossroads strives to help female veterans and their families lead secure, healthy, and self-reliant lives. During your stay at the Athena House, you will have access to individual and group counseling, as well as case management services. The purpose of teaching these life skills is to help women become independent and achieve their educational goals. After everything is said and done, they will ideally be able to find a full time job or have access to government benefits that support them permanently in the future. To reach Athena House, please call 813-238-8557.

There are various housing solutions available as part of the Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program. This federal program, which is run by Tampa Crossroads, provides services to veterans who are facing eviction or who are homeless. The non-profit organization has provided services to hundreds of homeless and at-risk veterans and their families by using a combination of government grants and other support.

Tampa Crossroads provides many different types of assistance from SSVF. The services they offer are Outreach Services, free legal aid, Case Management, Job Skills/Training Services, Referrals to Obtaining VA Benefits & Other Benefits, and more. There may also be financial aid available for security and utility deposits, bus passes, and emergency rent payments.

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Programs for the disabled and low income in the Tampa Bay region

The VRE program helps disabled adults in Hillsborough and Pasco County find and keep jobs. Staff will help them find a job that is both meaningful and fulfilling. The VRE Program provides services to the Florida State Department of Education and Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.

VR provides a variety of services to help people with disabilities find and keep a job. These services include creating resumes, job coaching, and support from case managers. Each client has an employment specialist who helps them achieve the goals they’ve set for themselves.

The process is very long and complicated. The first meeting will be to review the educational background, goals and work experience of the client before starting to look for jobs. If an interview is in Hillsborough County, Tampa Crossroads will provide transportation to and from the interview to make sure the person arrives on time.

Training and coaching are important for people to get jobs. The job coach or employment specialist helps the client achieve goals that are set, with the focus directly on the client. They will also be updating their training methods to help people perform better while in the VRE program.

There are also training classes available in Hillsborough and Pinellas County. There are many different aspects to getting a job, from perfecting networking skills to acing interviews to training and completing job applications. Other services involve working with community resources and emphasizing the importance of attendance, punctuality and maintaining a professional appearance while on the job.

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Tampa Crossroads provides resources across the entire region, including Pasco and Hillsborough County and the city itself. For more information or referrals, you can call 813-238-8557.

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