Tioga County assistance programs.

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This organization provides resources and programs to help residents of Tioga County, New York during difficult periods.

Home Rehabilitation Services provides assistance to eligible Tioga County residents with housing repairs, modernization, and rehabilitation. They can help provide necessary updates and home repairs so that homeowners can feel safe and comfortable in their home environment.

The rental assistance program offered by Tioga Opportunities is available to families and individuals who live in apartments that are not managed by Tioga Opportunities. The funds will also help with eviction prevention and possibly help with security deposits.

The WIC Program is a supplement and nutrition education program for eligible infants, women, and children. The federal government provides monthly food assistance to low- and moderate-income people through the WIC program. This allows them to purchase healthy food for themselves and their children. The WIC program also provides free education and counseling services to participants.

The Home Energy Assistance Program helps low and middle income residents pay their energy and heating bills during the winter. To be eligible, residents must meet certain income requirements. is a non-profit organization that provides assistance to low-income households in Tioga County, New York. Tioga Opportunities, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping low-income households in Tioga County, New York. They offer a variety of services to help families get back on their feet, including financial assistance, job training, and more. The Tioga County Department of Social Services contracts with certified HEAP applicants. There is also an emergency element to this program. and other certifying agencies will provide an extra benefit of $575.00 to eligible households.This means that if you are eligible for the regular HEAP benefits, you will also get an additional $575.00 from Tioga Opportunities, Inc. or other certifying agencies. The Emergency Heap assistance program provides financial assistance to low-income households to help pay their heating bills. Emergency grants and supplementary benefits are awarded to households that may have their utility service disconnected due to an inability to pay. These benefits are intended to help cover the cost of necessary utilities, such as electricity, water, or gas. If you are facing utility disconnection, counselors can advise you on your rights.

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The main aim of EmPower New York is to help people save money on their electricity bills by implementing cost-effective measures in their homes. The program focuses on replacing lighting and refrigeration, as well as other strategies such as adding insulation and reducing drafts. If you meet the income requirements for this program, you can use this service for free. If you need help paying for your heating bills in New York, there are a few options available to you. You can apply for government assistance, get help from a charity, or try to work something out with your utility company.

There are other programs besides Empower NY that offer free weatherization services to income-eligible homeowners and renters. Weatherization is beneficial in many ways, including reducing monthly energy costs, improving safety and health conditions, increasing comfort levels, and lowering maintenance costs. In addition, weatherization conserves natural resources.

The weatherization program includes a variety of services to improve the energy efficiency of your home. These services include testing and repairing your heating system, cleaning and replacing your domestic hot water tank, sealing up drafts, adding insulation, and repairing or weather stripping your doors and windows. The program also pays for testing, repairing, and replacing your refrigerator.

You can reach out to Tioga Opportunities Inc. at the Countryside Community Center. The mailing address is 9 Sheldon Guile Blvd., Owego, NY 13827. The phone number is (607) 687-4222. This non-profit also provides other services to families who are struggling, like help with applying for government benefits. Please click on the link above for more information about Tioga Opportunities.

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The Salvation Army of Tioga County and the southern tier is a non-profit organization that can help you with your needs. Some of the things that may be offered for qualified lower income families, children, and the elderly are as follows. You may be able to get help with a place to stay and with paying your rent or utility bills if you’re in a tough situation. Food that is free of charge and hot meals can be found in Owego. Christmas assistance may include giving presents to less fortunate children through programs such as Angel Tree and Adopt a Family. The Salvation Army wants to ensure that everyone experiences some form of joy during Christmas. For more information about their programs, please click here.

Shelters and transitional housing are places where families or individuals in Tioga County can go for help if they are facing eviction or are homeless. Social services agencies provide housing, case management, and funding for rent or a deposit. Can you please elaborate on what you need?

Tioga County food banks support both residents of the county and people from nearby areas. Families in need of food assistance can go to their local church or social service office to apply for SNAP food stamps or WIC. Other forms of support may include a free holiday meal or gift for a child. Search for food pantries in the Tioga area.

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