Assistance Program

Washington County Assistance Programs.

Assistance from local churches

Several churches and agencies in the area have teamed up to help those in the community who need assistance. The churches can provide low income families, the unemployed, and others who may be facing a hardship with clothing, access to food, and from time to time assistance with rent or utility payments. This can only happen if there is enough funding. If you need help, call the hotline number at 800-924-3555. The church has many different programs for people to participate in.

Senior and elderly support programs

Interfaith Caregivers can help older adults. The non-profit organization consists of a network of local volunteers who provide aid and assistance to help maintain the independence of older adults in the community. The program can provide many services to help people stay in their homes, including transportation, light housekeeping, home repairs, meal preparation, moving assistance, and much more. To contact the agency, call (262) 365-0902.

Help with bills if facing a hardship

The West Bend Salvation Army is an organization that helps people in need in many ways. The agency only has a limited amount of money, but they can give money to people who need it from time to time. Financial aid can be provided to help people pay for their expenses and bills. Some people may be able to get help with things like heating and utility bills, food, vouchers for medications, and other expenses. The agency can also provide holiday meals and gifts for children. This can help families in need during the holiday season. To find out more about Salvation Army programs in Washington County, call (262) 365-0405.

The Washington Cost Vincent De Paul Society helps people in financial emergencies. A home visits is needed to get any of these services. If an individual is qualified, they may receive help with their rent and/or utility bills. St Vincent de Paul provides goods that are necessary for a household, like clothing, furniture, and appliances. The shelter also provides emergency lodging for homeless families and individuals. The address is 420 N River Rd., West Bend, WI 53095 and the phone number is (262) 334-7291.

Get assistance and free food in Washington County

The Full Shelf Food Pantry is available to Washington County Wisconsin residents. The primary objective of the agency is to provide families in need with groceries and food items during a time of crisis, temporary hardship, or increased unemployment. The agency’s main goal is now to give out REFAP supplies (The Emergency Food Assistance Program). If you need food assistance, you can call the agency at (262) 335-0685 to find out how to get free food.

If you’re struggling to afford food, the Food Share program can help. The Washington County Human Services Department is responsible for administering this program. To be eligible for food share from this program, applicants must pass both financial and non-financial eligibility tests. What is the phone number at the bottom of the page? The Wisconsin government provides financial assistance to its residents through various programs. Some of these programs include food assistance, medical assistance, and cash assistance.

The Slinger Community Food Pantry is a place where people can go to get free food. To reach customer service, please call (262) 335-4610.

There is temporary emergency rental assistance available for those who live in Washington County. If you are a low-income family who is facing eviction and have a source of income, you may be eligible for a grant from the Emergency Assistance Grant program. This means that if you have a disagreement with your landlord, you can talk to a neutral third party who can help you reach a resolution. Other forms of financial aid can help with the costs of paying a security deposit or placing a family into low income housing. The Washington County Department of Human Services offers rent assistance to residents who are struggling to make ends meet. This assistance is available to low-income families and individuals who are facing eviction or who are already homeless.

Child care for working families

The Washington County Human Services Department has a program that helps offset the cost of day care for working families. There is help available for low to moderate income families who need child care so they can work. What are the contact numbers?

Heating and electric bill help

The Washington County Human Services Department runs this program. The Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP) helps eligible households pay for heating costs and bills during the cold winter months. What is the phone number for the agency? There are other programs available to help low-income families with energy costs.

The Washington County Human Services Department is responsible for several of the programs mentioned above. The department is based in West Bend and can be reached at 262-335-4583.

Free clinics and medical care

The Dr. James E. Albrecht Free Clinic requires that patients bring proof of income and insurance status. This community clinic provides medical and dental care for low income, uninsured individuals and families. Care is a broad term that can encompass everything from assessing a patient to providing treatment or referral services. All health care is provided by people who work in the medical field who do not get paid for their services. West Bend, Wisconsin 53095 is the main number. The number is (262) 334-8339.

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