Wells Fargo continues to help people facing a hardship.

Wells Fargo is still helping a lot of homeowners. Since October 2009, they have started or completed three loan modifications for every foreclosure filing. Examples include: -The Customer Assistance Program, which provides customers with personalised support and solutions to help them stay in their homes and avoid foreclosure; -The Home Preservation Workshop, which helps customers understand their options and provides information on how to avoid foreclosure; -The Homeowner’s HOPE™ Hotline, which provides free counselling and assistance to homeowners struggling with their mortgage payments; -The NeighborhoodLIFT® program, which provides eligible homebuyers with $15,000 down payment assistance grants.

The lender is continuing to contact thousands of customers who are currently experiencing financial difficulties with their mortgage. They are trying to reach them by any means possible, including sending letters and packages overnight, calling them, and sending counselors to their doorsteps. They are putting a lot of time and effort into this. Since 2008, Well Fargo has increased the number of counselors and home preservation staff it has deployed by more than double. More than 15,000 staff in the United States are now working on programs to keep people in their homes and prevent foreclosures.

They are offering new services and programs. Wells Fargo is trying to help people in areas that have been hit hard by the economy by making it easier for them to get loans. It has expanded two customer contact initiatives for those customers who prefer personal assistance rather than a phone call. The phone number is 1-866-234-8271.

Wells Fargo Home Preservation Center

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage is inviting homeowners in 27 hard hit housing markets to a hearing. The homeowners will talk to a housing counselor about their loan options at a Wells Fargo Home Preservation Center. This concept was tested before with the Wachovia Pick-a-Payment plan, which was a type of mortgage that allowed the borrower to choose how much they wanted to pay each month. This usually resulted in the borrower paying less than the full amount owed, which led to the loan balance increasing over time. At first, this help was only available to customers in a few areas where foreclosures were especially common, like Florida, Nevada, and California. The program was beneficial in helping people stay in their homes. The lender is now expanding this service to all of the mortgages that Wells Fargo Home Mortgage services and is responsible for. Customers who are about to have difficulty paying their mortgage or are at risk of foreclosure are encouraged to schedule a meeting with a home preservation specialist. The bank can help you start this process and tell you what documents to bring to the meeting so we can find the best solution quickly.

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Home Preservation Workshops

This is another option for people who are struggling to pay their mortgage. Wells Fargo has met with over 6,500 customers who are struggling to maintain their homes in Atlanta, Chicago, Baltimore, and Phoenix, Arizona. There will be other workshops in different cities.

Wells Fargo will contact customers who are behind on their mortgage payments and invite them to attend a workshop in their city. If they go to the meeting, they will work with a housing specialist to figure out how to get back on track. You are always welcome to come to these events without an appointment. Many Wells Fargo Home Mortgage customers who attend these workshops have received loan modifications on the spot. Some people have found other ways to get short-term help so they can deal with their hardship, or prevent a future foreclosure. This means that for customers who have been able to successfully get a workout option, the majority have received a loan modification.

Wells Fargo is planning to have four more Home Preservation Workshops in 2010, which will be located in Los Angeles, Oakland, Calif., St. Paul, Minn., and Miami, Florida. They are continuing to look at more markets, states, and cities that were affected by foreclosures to see if they are good candidates for investment.

Wells Fargo Government Mortgage Programs

In early January, Wells Fargo had over 140,000 mortgage modification trials and completions under the federal Home Affordable Modification program. This federal program provides information on how to click here.

This company is still providing this government program to its clients. They have increased the number of people who have transitioned to permanent loan modifications by 100% since December. This company has 7,500 mortgage modifications that are in progress and almost completed, pending final paperwork and government regulations.

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Wells Fargo has completed more than 350,000 non-HAMP loan modifications, many of which were done using their own solutions. This number also includes active trials in progress as of the end of January 2010 and changes completed since the beginning of 2009. The lenders are still backing this government mortgage assistance program.

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