Where Is Scrub Daddy Now? | Shark Tank US

Did you know that Scrub Daddy, since its appearance on Shark Tank in 2012, has bagged over $200 million in sales, making it one of the biggest success stories of the show?

Now, you’re probably wondering how a simple sponge managed to create such a stir. The secret lies in its innovative design and scratch-free cleaning capabilities that have turned it into a household essential.

So, where is Scrub Daddy now? You’ll be surprised to know that its journey post-Shark Tank is nothing short of inspiring and there’s more to this story than meets the eye.

Key Takeaways

  • Scrub Daddy has made over $200 million in sales since its 2012 Shark Tank appearance, making it a market leader in the cleaning industry.
  • The brand’s product line has evolved to include innovative cleaning solutions like Scrub Mommy, Sponge Daddy, and Soap Daddy, expanding its market presence.
  • Scrub Daddy’s future plans involve broadening its product line, enhancing sustainability, and strengthening its global presence through strategic partnerships.
  • The collaboration with Unilever and plans for global expansion mark significant milestones in Scrub Daddy’s post-Shark Tank journey.

Scrub Daddy’s Shark Tank Journey

If you’ve ever wondered how a simple sponge could turn into a multi-million dollar business, Scrub Daddy’s journey on Shark Tank is a testament to the power of a brilliant idea and strategic partnership.

Aaron Krause’s invention of the scratch-free sponge made from FlexTexture material caught Lori Greiner’s eye. She invested for a 20% equity stake, propelling the innovative cleaning tools to major retail chains and monumental lifetime sales.

Post-Shark Tank Success

After their remarkable journey on Shark Tank, Scrub Daddy’s success has soared, with sales skyrocketing to over $1 million in a single day. Their post-Shark Tank triumph led to retail expansion, securing partnerships with major retailers.

As one of the most successful products from Shark Tank, plans for global expansion are underway. The Unilever collaboration marks a significant milestone in Scrub Daddy’s growth.

Scrub Daddy’s Product Evolution

Scrub Daddy creator, President, and CEO Aaron Krause was on the road to megamillions since landing one of the sharks of ABC’s Shark Tank as a partner. Krause moved manufacturing back to Delaware County from Germany and is introducing new products such as Sponge Daddy. A worker loads up a box with Scrub Daddy’s on June 23, 2014. ( CHARLES FOX / Staff Photographer )

Diving into Scrub Daddy’s product evolution, you’ll find a spectacular array of innovative cleaning solutions that have emerged since their initial debut, including dual-sided sponges like Scrub Mommy and versatile tools such as Sponge Daddy and Barbeque Daddy. Their product line now encompasses:

  • Soap Daddy, with its unique dispensing mechanism
  • Scour Daddy, providing extra scrubbing power
  • Over 20 different cleaning solutions for various household cleaning tasks
  • Availability in major retailers, reflecting the brand’s growth

Scrub Daddy’s Market Impact

Drawing upon the impressive figures, Scrub Daddy has made a massive splash in the market, with over 25 million sponges sold since its Shark Tank debut.

The Scrub Daddy brand has redefined cleaning products, adding innovative tools that appeal to consumers. Available in major retail chains, its market impact is undeniable. As a household cleaning product, it ranks among Shark Tank’s most successful companies.

Future Plans for Scrub Daddy

Looking towards the future, Scrub Daddy has ambitious plans to broaden its product line, introducing new and innovative cleaning tools and solutions. They’re focused on:

  • Strengthening global presence via partnerships, like the Unilever collaboration
  • Developing more eco-friendly products, underlining their sustainability commitment
  • Enhancing brand recognition and market penetration
  • Achieving exponential growth with strategic moves

Stay tuned as Scrub Daddy continues to revolutionize the cleaning industry.


You’ve seen Scrub Daddy’s journey from its Shark Tank debut to its post-show triumph. With a product line that’s grown and evolved, they’ve made a significant impact on the market and continue to innovate.

As they plan for the future, remember their commitment to sustainability and global expansion. This isn’t just a sponge company – it’s a story of continuous growth, persistent innovation, and global success.

Stay tuned, because Scrub Daddy’s journey is far from over.

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