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Yampa Valley Love Inc. assistance program and basic needs.

Love Inc. is a service organization that helps coordinate services across the greater Yampa Valley of Colorado. The charity provides financial assistance to low income families and those who are less fortunate through churches and other non-profits. Most resources are focused on meeting basic needs, such as food, clothing, and baby formula. Churches may also provide services such as car repairs or maintenance and short term housing for certain clients.

An individual needs to call the Love intake line in order to receive help. Volunteers will review the individual’s information and, if they meet the requirements, refer them to a program. This means that clients will either need to agree to help themselves, or be in the process of helping themselves. The charity helps people living in or near the following towns: Steamboat Springs, Routt County, Rangely, Moffat County, Rio Blanco, Milner, Yampa, Craig, Meekers.

Transitional housing can help people who have recently been evicted or who are unemployed. The Yampa Valley program’s main goal is to help people by giving them time to find a job or save money for a new home’s rent or security deposit. There are very few units available, and applicants must be well on their way to being independent.

Volunteers and staff from churches will offer guests self-help classes and try to provide other necessities to those in need. This may mean receiving free items like clothes, furniture, and food, as well as other personal necessities. In addition to the emergency housing, there is also ____. The program is designed to meet the needs of each applicant.

Some organizations have furniture available for those in need. The furniture is usually gently used. Church volunteers in the area will be collecting and distributing furniture to low-income households in need. This program is based in Routt and Moffat counties. Requests should be submitted to the Yampa Valley Clearinghouse. There could be furniture like beds, tables, frames, cribs and more available.

Love Inc. may offer car maintenance and simple repairs. Nestled in the Rocky Mountains of northwest Colorado, the Yampa Valley is home to several small towns and a diverse array of outdoor activities. From hiking and camping in the summer to skiing and snowboarding in the winter, the Yampa Valley has something for everyone. The ministry will help those in need with vehicle maintenance such as tires, repairs or even free oil changes. This includes single mothers, disabled individuals, seniors, and those seeking a job.

Food banks in the region rely on donations from the community. Churches in the area offer both non-perishable and perishable goods, including Rio Blanco and Routt County. will also provide resources like diapers, car seats, and other necessary items to help get them started. If you qualify, Love Inc. will also provide resources like diapers, car seats, and other necessary items to help you get started. If you are struggling to buy food or groceries, you can get up to 2 weeks worth for free from this organization. There are many types of food, such as bread, meat, pasta, cereal, canned goods, etc. In addition to providing free hot meals to low income or homeless people, St. Michael’s Kitchen will also often provide other services such as clothing or shelter.

The Laundry, Personal Needs and Shower Ministry provides cleaning supplies, showers, personal care items and a laundry facility to people in need in the Yampa Valley.

The Yampa Valley Pregnancy Center and the Clothing for Kids Ministry both offer free clothing and diapers. There might be winter coats, wipes, school uniforms, and even complete sets of clothing for children and students. Love INC and local churches collect gently-used or new coats, winter hats, gloves, boots and scarves to be given to anyone in need as part of the Community Coat Drive.

has Love Inc. also has a If you need help finding school supplies, the clearinghouse can give you some referrals. Volunteers from the area help out businesses by giving new backpacks filled with supplies, clothes, or notebooks to those in need in time for the new year. This means that teachers can also save money on things they would otherwise need to buy.

Holiday programs include providing Thanksgiving Meals and gifts to families as part of Adopting Families for Christmas. There are free meals available at local churches, as well as Sunset Meadow I and II. Some people who may have difficulty leaving their homes can still enjoy traditional holiday meals by having them delivered. So instead of these items, applicants will be given a Thanksgiving food box.

Christmas programs provide families with food boxes or meals. On the other hand, children will receive free gifts, toys, games, or even vouchers for the holiday. This is a great way to show your appreciation for the holiday and to make sure that the children have a good time.

provides clothing, furniture and household items to families in need. The Love Inc. Clearinghouse provides clothing, furniture and household items to families in need. Yampa will be able to provide you with information or referrals to other services that you may need. The organization will offer services such as carpentry, tutoring for children and adults, budget counseling, moving assistance, and firewood.

There are a few financial aid programs available, but they are very limited. There are strict requirements to be met in order to participate in these church programs. Help paying for electricity, water, prescription medications, gasoline for work, emergency bus tickets, and long term food.

To speak to someone about the program or to call the intake line, dial (970)826-4400.

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