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Assistance programs Davidson County North Carolina.

There are many organizations that can help low income and struggling families in Davidson County. You can find information on local charities, non-profit agencies, and government organizations that can provide financial assistance. Apply for a grant to help with rent or utility bills. There are many organizations that offer free or low-cost health care, gas vouchers, and motel rooms. Some also offer free or discounted food.

There are places in Lexington, Thomasville, and Davidson County where you can get help with things you need all year round, like free school supplies or winter clothes, as well as Christmas gifts. There are also other forms of assistance available, such as free baby supplies near you, legal services, and job retraining through the county.

Rent, mortgage, and utility bill help in Davidson County

These charities offer free resources to locals in need, such as financial assistance or material goods.

This non-profit organization provides emergency cash grants and financial assistance to families in need. The funds are for people who are in financial trouble or who have had an emergency. The assistance provided can be used for things like utility bills, mortgage payments, rent, and food. This refers to expenses that are necessary for the operation of a business, but are not directly related to the production of goods or services. Examples of overhead expenses include rent, utilities, insurance, and office supplies. This is a phone number.

The Salvation Army of Davidson County provides financial assistance and social services to those in need. The faith based charity provides access to free items or financial assistance programs. There is assistance available for those who need help paying for rent, cooling and utility bills, or heating fuel.

This program provides financial assistance for prescription medications, free food or meals, and clothing. There may also be free household items and baby products available. A pantry and soup kitchen provides meals 5 days week to needy in the community and the Salvation Army giveaways free back to school supplies to students and Christmas gifts from Adopt a Family. The Salvation Army is an international organization that provides assistance to those in need. It has a branch in Davidson County, North Carolina, which provides assistance to those in need in the form of food, clothing, and other essentials.

The South Davidson Family Resource Center is a charity that helps families and individuals who are struggling financially. They provide emergency financial assistance and support to help people get through tough times. Whether it be a job loss, medical emergency, or some other unexpected crisis, everyone goes through tough times at some point in their lives. This means that if you need help with paying your rent or your utility bills, or if you are having trouble with your mortgage, the government may be able to help you out with some food.

The SDFRC also has a clothing closet where people in the county can go to get clothes. The Weekend Backpack Program helps to feed children and students during the weekends. For more information on emergency assistance, call (336) 859-5399 or click for details on the South Davidson Family Resource Center.

Open Door Ministries provides help to those in need in the High Point area of the county. The non-profit may offer a shelter and transitional housing programs. If you are in need of financial assistance, you may be able to receive help from the Emergency Services program. This program can provide assistance with rent or electric bills. In addition to the resources that Davidson County families can access, there are also free food and government benefits available. Open Door Ministries provides various programs to help individuals in need. These programs include financial assistance, food assistance, and clothing assistance. The organization also provides services such as case management and counseling.

The Community Action Agency of Salisbury-Rowan helps Davidson County. This organization provides information on government benefits and refers people to local charities and non-profits. If you are low income or working poor, there are programs that can help you. This non-profit can help you find them.

Some programs that may be available are energy programs such as weatherization or LIHEAP. These programs are mostly from referrals and are run by the local social service office. These can help with utility and cooling bills. Reducing your home’s energy consumption can help lower your utility bills and keep your home cooler in the summer. There are a number of ways to reduce your energy consumption, including making sure your home is well insulated, using energy-efficient appliances, and using fans and other devices to circulate air. There are also federal food assistance programs such as SNAP and WIC. This means that even if you don’t have a job, or a good job, you can still get help to improve your situation. You can get training and education to help you find a better job.

There are also many charities and churches in Davidson County that help prevent homelessness. Some charities offer families loans instead of grants while agencies try to issue grants. This help can be things like emergency money for rent or a security deposit, or it can be a voucher for section 8 housing. Case managers have information on different options that may be available. The Community Action Agency of Salisbury-Rowan is an organization that helps low-income families in the area. They provide assistance with food, housing, and other needs. They also offer programs to help people get back on their feet and become self-sufficient.

There are several organizations that provide housing assistance, such as rent or homeless shelters, in Davidson County. The funding for this program is limited and comes with restrictions, but the goal is to stop homelessness and evictions in Lexington, Thomasville and the county. There is a variety of financial assistance available for things like rent, security deposits, and hotel stays. There are a variety of programs that offer financial assistance, legal aid, and other services. If you need help paying your rent, you can continue to get rental assistance from Davidson County.

There are other agencies that help families in Davidson County with buying a home and preventing foreclosure. Other than the resources mentioned, there are other mortgage assistance programs available. The goal is to prevent a foreclosure or provide direct financial assistance for a payment. There is a lot of information available on how to get help with mortgages.

Free prescription medications and health care

can help If you are struggling with your medical and hospital bills, or need to access free health care programs and get medications, the Davidson Medical Ministries Clinic, Inc. may be able to help. The Access Community Health Center is an organization that provides free prescription drugs, dental services, and basic health care to patients in the local community. The Davidson County Department of Social Services provides financial assistance and social services to low-income residents, the unemployed, and those without health insurance coverage. Services include food and nutrition assistance, utility bill assistance, child care assistance, and job training and placement. If you want more information or to make an appointment, you can call them at (336) 249-6215.

Get free legal aid and representations

can help. If you have any legal issues, such as a civic case, foreclosure, eviction, unemployment, or anything similar, Legal Aid of North Carolina, Inc. can help you out. The law firm of (336) 272-0148 is the one you want to contact for free legal programs. There is free legal advice available for residents of North Carolina. This advice can be accessed through various resources, including online, over the phone, or in person.

Find free food in Davidson County

Pastor’s Pantry is a food bank that provides food for seniors in Davidson County, North Carolina. The phone number is (336) 249-8824. The agency is based in Lexington, North Carolina but provides help for people in all counties.

There are other places that offer free food and help in a crisis besides this pantry. Pantry staples, holiday meals, and clothing may be offered to those in need. To find food banks in Davidson County, search online for “food banks in Davidson County” or visit the website of the Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee.

Homeless and housing assistance programs

PBH, which used to be called Piedmont Behavioral Healthcare, has gotten hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal government grants to help people who are homeless or about to be kicked out of their homes. The government funds will allow PBH to assist a additional individuals and/or families with housing resources and services through its Shelter Plus Care Program. PBH is currently providing rental assistance to 35 individuals and/or families through the housing program. To speak with the community relations manager, please call (704) 721-2787.

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