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Assistance programs from Tehama County Community Action Agency.

The Tehama County Community Action Agency provides a lot of help. The Thermal County Assistance Association is a non-profit organization that helps low-income families and seniors with their basic needs. Short term support, such as rent, food, and energy bill help, is provided in order to help people become self-sufficient. The support will help with finding a job, managing money and credit, and learning more about money and credit. Some of the aid comes from referrals, and the Tehama County Community Action Agency manages other programs directly.

The Tehama County Community Action Agency may occasionally receive financial assistance from the Emergency Food and Shelter Program in the form of grants. The federal government may offer funds from FEMA to pay for emergency services that keep people safe. The aid is for families and individuals who are struggling to make ends meet. The government provides money to organizations that help with emergency food and housing in the local community.

Tehama Community Action Agency can help with rent, security deposits, and other housing expenses. The non-profit helps low-income families by giving them money or referrals. They are offered resources and financial aid to help them get permanent and safe housing.

The TCAA partners with HUD and other agencies to connect people with programs that can help with low-income housing, utility payments, rents, and security deposits. The Plumas County Community Development Commission is another key partner. It provides housing assistance payments to eligible households so they can rent privately-leased units. This is a phone number.

The Tehama County Community Action Agency provides a lot of support for the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance programs. This means that the organization offers opportunities and counseling to low-income families in order to help them receive the $2 million that the federal government gives out each year through the Earned Income Tax Credit.

VITA provides free tax preparation and referral services on site for the elderly, disabled and low-income families, as well as individuals. If you would like to meet with one of us, please schedule an appointment. The phone number for more information is 530-527-6159.

Courses designed to help low-income individuals understand financial topics like banking, assets, and credit counseling. The Tehama County Community Action Agency can help you with resources, information and financial literacy courses. You can make an appointment or even take classes and workshops online. NEFE is a key partner in developing financial literacy skills. NEFE provides resources and support to help people become financially literate and make informed financial decisions.

Several different agencies that are non-profit work with the Tehama County Community Action Agency. They work together so that they can connect different clients to different financial and credit education programs. Some other services that are offered are classes on budgeting, debt counseling, and how to create financial assets for low-income individuals or families by opening free bank accounts. This is a phone number.

The Money Smart program is a financial education service for low and moderate income individuals, operated by the community action agency. This program provides tools and resources to help participants make informed decisions about their money. It builds on the strengths and experiences of the participants to help them become more financially stable and prosperous. It helps participants to develop and maintain a budget, establish and maintain savings, understand and improve their credit, and make informed choices about major financial decisions. The program is offered in both English and Spanish. Money Smart is a financial education program that helps people who do not have a lot of money learn how to budget, save, improve their credit, and make informed financial decisions. The program is offered in English and Spanish. Counselors will work with clients to help improve their financial skills and also help them develop strong banking relationships.

The Senior Nutrition Program will provide free, nutritious, and delicious meals to seniors. The Red Bluff California Kitchen offers seniors the opportunity to develop new relationships and friendships with others in the community in a warm and welcoming environment. If you are a senior citizen who is 60 years old or older, and you are physically or mentally challenged, you may qualify for free home-delivered meals.

If you need help from the Tehama County Community Action Agency (TCAA), you can ask for a referral. The agency connects low-income families with resources that can help them. There are many resources available to low-income families and individuals, such as rental assistance, emergency food and shelter, LIHEAP, credit counseling, family support, free legal services, low-income housing, weatherization programs, education services, employment training, food stamps, health care, and more.

A Resource Coordinator/Family Support Aide from Tehama County CAA is available to help families in need that have low incomes. The Family Support Program provides resources for affordable child care, education, employment, housing needs and other support for families.

The Job Training Center in Red Bluff California helps businesses with finding and training employees. They offer programs to help with the hiring process and provide resources for job searches. This organization provides unlimited employment opportunities to job seekers in Tehama County California.

How to apply for financial aid and services from Tehama County Community Action Agency

The Tehama County Community Action Agency has many resources available, including centers where people can go for help. The locations are as follows:

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