Assistance programs in Anson, Montgomery, and Richmond County.

There are many agencies that can help support low income families. There are many organizations that offer assistance with rent, utility bills, school supplies, food, and Christmas gifts. Some of these organizations include the government, charities, and pantries. Some organizations also offer security deposit or daycare vouchers. Churches, charities, and non-profits in Anson, Richmond and nearby counties help the working poor and others by paying their bills, reducing their debts, or finding them a new or better job.

Resources for bills and basic needs

The Sandhills Community Action Program helps those who are poor or have low incomes in all three counties. They are part of a network of organizations that work to improve communities. The agency is committed to providing both short-term and long-term financial assistance to the poor.

There are housing programs available for both low income families who need help paying rent, and for those who are currently homeless. There are two types of financial aid that you can receive: loans and grants.

This type of housing helps people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless to have a place to stay while they work with a social worker to get back on their feet. Transitional housing is often a stepping stone on the way to permanent housing. This program is different from a standard shelter because it is specifically designed to help people with mental illness. The people living in the housing units are given help and advice so they can become more independent and find permanent housing. Each family creates a goal plan with their case manager to identify and achieve specific goals. There are organizations that can help you with both finding and paying for a place to live in Montgomery or Richmond County, or in nearby counties.

Shelters in the region provide short-term housing for homeless mothers and their children. Many of the programs offered are in partnership with charities such as the Salvation Army of North Carolina.

The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program is a federal assistance program that provides rental assistance to eligible individuals and families. This program can help those who are elderly, very low-income, or have a disability to be able to afford housing that is safe, decent, and affordable, as well as being clean and sanitary. To learn more about how to get section 8 housing assistance in North Carolina, please visit the following website:

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The government provides subsidies and rent assistance to help people afford housing. This allows participants to find their own housing in the community. They can choose to live in a single-family home, townhouse or apartment in Anson County or Montgomery. This means that the family will have to pay part of the rent even with the government subsidy.

Enroll in the Family Self-sufficiency Program to help your family become financially independent. This program was created to help participants with housing and other services that can make them economically independent. This program is only available for people who have a section 8 voucher.

The food programs provided by the government include the USDA Food Commodity Distribution and the Emergency Food Assistance Program. The first USDA program is overseen by the community action agency and the office will distribute available commodities and foodstuffs to people in need, in accordance with established federal government guidelines. The other option is the Emergency Food Assistance Program. This program provides USDA groceries and commodities to low-income families in North Carolina.

The agency also provides weatherization, referrals to government programs such as food stamps, and much more.

The address for the Sandhills Community Action Program is 103 Saunders Street, Carthage, NC 28327. To make an appointment or get more information about something, call (910) 947-5675. If you are in need of financial assistance, you may be eligible for help from the Sandhills Community Action Program. This program provides assistance to low-income individuals and families in the form of grants, loans, and other services. For more information, please visit their website or contact their office.

The Rockingham Housing Authority is an organization that provides low-income housing options for qualified families. They also have information on programs for people who are buying a home for the first time and on counseling for people who are in danger of losing their home. The office is located at 809 Armstead Street. Call (910) 997-3316.

The Anson Crisis Ministry offers a temporary housing program for those in need. The non-profit can provide temporary housing for up to 1-3 days for people in emergency situations. This may even include giving someone a voucher to stay at a local motel. This is the address and phone number for the Wadesboro Police Department in North Carolina.

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This food pantry is based in Rockingham and provides food for those in need. Food, including groceries and prepared meals, is offered. This is a phone number.

This program provides energy assistance to low-income individuals and families. Many grants and forms of financial aid are available to help with the costs of heating bills. In some cases, there may be money available during the summer to pay for cooling expenses. The phone number is 910-997-8400.

The Hamlet Senior Center is a place for residents who are over the age of 55. The non-profit provides many services for senior citizens such as transportation, health screenings, housing and energy bill assistance, respite services, adult day care, home repair modification and in-home aid, and free congregate meals. This is a phone number.

provides food, clothing, and shelter to homeless children and families. Feed My Lambs, Inc. provides food, clothing, and shelter to children and families who are homeless. There may be both clothing and free food available for the needy. There are also Christmas meals and holiday food boxes available for purchase. This is the address and phone number of a business in Wadesboro, North Carolina.

The Montgomery County Department of Social Services provides financial assistance and case management services. There are many programs that can help low-income families. Some examples include programs that help with child care, food, and utility bills. There are also school supplies for kids, Job Placement Services, Transportation, Welfare to Work, and also Work First Employment and Family Assistance. All of these services help low income families with employment, education, and other needs. Please call the Troy office at (910) 576-6531.

Sandhills Center Outpatient Unit helps individuals and families who are struggling with mental health, substance abuse, or developmental disabilities. We provide services to help people recover and live fulfilling lives. If you are having problems with drugs, mental health, or learning, you can get help from this center. They will connect you with the services you need. The phone number is 572-3681

This organization provides clothes, food, and home repairs for disabled and elderly people. The address is 12 Third Street East, Laurinburg, NC 28352 and the phone number is (910) 277-3355. There are other food pantries in North Carolina that help feed the poor and hungry. There are free food banks in North Carolina that help people in need.

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The Montgomery Community Action Agency can provide families with referrals and resources for assistance. This includes assistance with energy bills for low-income households as well as measures to conserve energy, such as weatherization. There are programs that can help with housing and rent, like section 8 vouchers or grants from local non-profits. These can help with things like paying a security deposit or back rent. Other programs include Head Start and information on food pantries. The Salisbury and Rowan community are taking action to improve their local area. This includes working together to clean up litter, painting over graffiti and repairing damaged property. By taking these actions, the community is hoping to make their area a better place to live.

Community clinics and free health care centers

The Compassionate Care Free Clinic provides low-cost medical care for those who need it. The health center has a pharmacy that is licensed. They provide discounts, free generic medications, information on Needymeds and other medical care to low-income individuals. to make an appointment for an assessment To make an appointment for an assessment, call (910) 410-9349.

The Montgomery County Health Department is committed to helping those who are low-income or uninsured. The clinic provides many services for the community, such as health screenings, communicable disease testing and treatment, HIV testing and referral, family planning, immunizations, maternity care coordination, and orthopedic and general outreach services. To get medical care, you can either call 572-1393 or click on the “details” button.

The Richmond County Health Department runs a public health clinic for people living in the county. This means that the health center can give you a basic health check, help you sign up for Medicaid or Medicare, do lab work, and give you a physical. The center is located at 127 Caroline Street, Rockingham, NC 28379. To schedule an appointment, please call (910) 997-8300.

Anson Community Hospital – CHS provides medical care to residents of North Carolina and South Carolina. The center provides comprehensive medical care and some emergency services. This is a phone number.

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