Auburn Housing Network rent, mortgage, and home repair programs.

The Auburn Housing Network provides housing assistance and other services to low-income individuals in coordination with other agencies. There is also help for homeless people in Auburn Alabama and Lee County. These resources involve helping the resident with assessments and case management.

The non-profit provides services to help clients find permanent housing, access cash grants, and get help with rent or security deposits. They may also be able to provide free food, clothing, eviction assistance, blankets, and other essential items.

The HUD Rehousing program provides support and case management for those experiencing homelessness. The program offers outreach services and long-term assistance to help participants find and maintain housing. The Auburn Housing Network is committed to helping families, single mothers, and entire families who are living in homeless shelters or transitional housing in Lee County. They will work to support these families and help them find permanent housing.

The process will involve advocating for the parents, providing parenting classes, helping with housing placement, budgeting, income maximization, employability, & adult education. There are many supportive services available from Auburn Housing Network, and case management is available for as long as necessary to help a homeless person become self-sufficient.

The Auburn Housing Network provides financial assistance and counseling to people with HIV/AIDS and their families through the Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS program. The government can give money to help people pay their mortgage, rent, or utility bills, and buy food and transportation.

The service helps clients secure and maintain housing. This program is private and usually has a waiting list.

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The Auburn Housing Network is partnering with government agencies that offer financial assistance for housing, rent, and heating expenses. This program provides struggling clients with the assistance they need to keep their heating service from being terminated or to restart their service if it has already been terminated. There may be no-interest loans available to help with rent payments, in order to help prevent homelessness.

The applicant needs to have a source of income to be able to pay future bills independently. Residents of Lee County who are at least 60 years old are eligible. Auburn Housing Network can only provide financial assistance to applicants after they have exhausted all other resources. Applicants need to make an appointment with a caseworker.

The Housing Network of Auburn provides housing and social services to the homeless community in partnership with local human-services providers and charities. By working together, they are able to streamline social services and address the needs of the homeless more effectively. There are several other organizations that work closely with the Network, such as the United Way, state of Alabama Legal Aid, and the Salvation Army.

The two organizations work together to provide services such as transitional housing, financial assistance, mental-health counseling, and substance-abuse treatment to those in need. In addition to the resources offered, staff also help clients access permanent housing or affordable apartments in Auburn. If needed, they will help the person apply for money to pay for a rental deposit or moving costs.

The Emergency Home Repair Program offers grants to households in need of minor home repairs that would create hazardous and unhealthy living conditions if left undone. This is for seniors in Lee County as well as people with very low incomes. Providing the home with much needed attention and upkeep can help to improve not only its appearance and value but also its functionality.

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Some families that don’t have a lot of money may be able to get a loan with a low interest rate to help pay for repairs that are needed. Some specific services that might be offered are things like laundry, grocery shopping, or cleaning.

Roof patching or repairs: fixing or repairing holes or leaks in a roof Bathroom work: repairs or renovations to bathrooms Adjustments to an electrical system: making changes to an electrical system Kitchen water hook-up repairs: fixing or repairing water hookups in a kitchen

The Auburn Housing Network uses money from the government and from other non-profit organizations to help pay for its programs. The money is used to help pay for the program. There may be financial assistance to help low-income applicants repair or replace their furnaces.

A home loan refinance counseling service can help you understand your options and make the best decisions for your situation. The specialists at Auburn Housing Network can provide advice to borrowers who have a mortgage loan for a residential property. It does not matter where the money came from. The homeowner has several options for where to get their mortgage from. They can use a subsidized or guaranteed product, one from a traditional bank such as Wells Fargo, or maybe their mortgage was provided to them by a state of Alabama, tribal, or local government program.

The counseling is available to anyone in Lee County who needs assistance, regardless of their income or financial status. The clients can discuss the goal of the proposed refinance, benefits and costs of doing so, savings or advantages of the new mortgage, and steps to take to refinance during the face-to-face session.

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New loan terms may set monthly payments based on the borrower’s income. In some cases, a portion of the money being paid back can be forgiven if certain conditions are met. The representative from Auburn Housing Network can negotiate a postponement of payments to give the homeowner time to improve their financial condition.

Auburn’s Housing Network offers a comprehensive Homeownership Training Program to educate and counsel prospective buyers. The workshops cover a wide range of topics, but with a particular focus on understanding real estate contracts, budgeting, home inspections or maintenance, insurance, and completing residential loan applications. Other related topics are also covered.

The service helps you get qualified for a mortgage and manage your payments once you have one. Individualized credit counseling means that you will meet with a credit counselor who will help you understand your credit report, how to improve your credit score, and create a budget. People from Lee County can also participate in different group activities with staff.

The company is headquartered in Auburn, Alabama at 144 Tichenor Avenue. The number to call for intake is (334) 501-7280.

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