Rent Assistance

Augusta and Richmond County Georgia rent assistance.

Short term financial assistance for rent, security deposits and housing costs may be available from the Augusta and Richmond County Georgia agencies. There are some organizations that can help families with money for things like bills, rent, and moving costs. Families can apply for cash, grants, or loans from these organizations. There are other agencies that help people with getting resources from other organizations, like getting vouchers for Section 8 housing from the government or legal defense to prevent homelessness.

The amount of rent help you are eligible for depends on the agency and their program. Applications will be individually reviewed by employees or volunteers at the centers. For more information, you can either call or visit the relevant agency in person. Low income families or seniors in Richmond County Georgia who have children may be eligible for funding. Most agencies will require that the client is able to support themselves after receiving rental assistance. You usually need to have had an unexpected event or crisis happen to you, like getting sick, having to pay for medical bills, getting divorced, or experiencing some other kind of family issue or hardship.

Augusta Catholic Social Services can offer emergency financial assistance for those who work in farming and migrant communities. Some common expenses related to housing are rent, a security deposit, a mortgage, utilities, and housing assistance. The center can be found at 811 12th St. in Augusta, Georgia. The phone number to call is 706-722-3661. They offer a variety of services to help those in need, including food assistance, rent assistance, and more. Catholic Charities is a nonprofit organization that helps people in need. They provide food assistance, rent assistance, and other services. Other services that case workers may provide include help with transportation, housing, and getting food.

The Salvation Army provides a homeless shelter for men, women with children and families in Richmond County. This program provides financial assistance to help people pay their rent. Other forms of financial aid include bus tickets and thrift stores for household items. If you need help with rent, this location offers referrals to programs that can assist you. The address is 1384 Greene St., Augusta, GA 30901 and the phone number is 706-826-1801. If you would like to find a Salvation Army near you, you can click here.

Beulah Grove Community has a resource center located at 1446 Linden St. in Augusta, Georgia 30901. Please call 706-722-4999. Some organizations offer emergency financial assistance to people who are low income and struggling to pay rent. This can help them avoid becoming homeless. Other programs offered by the company include community education and a program for senior citizens. The applicant may request emergency aid during a time of crisis, and they must have a social security number, proof of residency, and verifiable evidence of the hardship.

The Augusta Housing Authority provides housing assistance for residents of Richmond County. You can apply for Section 8 online or in person at your local housing authority. To apply for Section 8 online, you will need to fill out an application form and submit it to your local housing authority. To apply in person, you will need to fill out an application form and submit it to your local housing authority. They manage resources such as low income housing and apartments, public housing, for people who have low incomes. The PHA is headquartered in Augusta, GA. To reach someone by phone, dial their number. The number for the person you are trying to reach is (706) 724-5466.

The EOA provides housing for people in transition, furniture, referrals to agencies, and financial assistance for rent. 1730 Walker Street in Augusta, Georgia. Telephone 706-738-4145. This is a non-profit community action agency that helps with housing needs. There are other options for support besides loans, such as budgeting workshops and information on local non-profits that offer rent assistance.

The Georgia Legal Services Program in Richmond can help low-income people who are at risk of being evicted. They can provide free legal aid and representation. Lawyers can help prevent homelessness by working with landlords and helping resolve housing issues. The address is 209 7th St., Augusta, GA 30901 and the phone number is (800) 248-6697.

Action Ministries is a nonprofit organization that helps people who are homeless in Georgia. Some people may be able to get help from the government to pay their rent or other bills, like energy bills. Other programs available to help low income families include providing housing, referrals to other services, and information on low interest loans for expenses such as bills or rent. They work with agencies in Augusta, including Maxwell House and SLSK. This is an invalid number. The definition of information is “knowledge about something that is communicated or received.” In other words, it is data that has been processed into a form that is meaningful to the recipient and is useful to them in some way.

The CSRA Economic Opportunity Authority/EOA is an organization that helps people in the CSRA area keep their housing during difficult times. Programs can provide temporary financial and housing assistance. All applications will be individually reviewed. We would love to have you stop by 1261 Greene St., Augusta, Georgia 30901, or call (706) 722-0493.

This is the Georgia Department of Human Services’ Division of Family and Children Services’ DFCS Richmond County office. This government organization provides emergency financial assistance, grants, and cash to extremely low income residents of Richmond County. Funds can provide assistance with securing housing and low income housing. homeless people with disabilities, including those with chronic mental illness and substance use disorders, who are often ineligible for other types of housing assistance. This section provides vouchers for homeless people with disabilities, including chronic mental illness and substance use disorders. This assistance is often not available to other homeless people. The site may contain information on other federal and state programs. The address is 520 Fenwick St., Augusta, Georgia 30903 and the phone number is (706) 721-3000.

The Richmond County emergency homeless prevention program provides assistance to both tenants and homeless individuals. This can include help with finding housing, financial assistance, and other support services. Referrals are given to clients for various forms of support, including government ESG grants, vouchers for shelters or motels, and other forms of support. Augusta-based agencies can also help the homeless find new homes by assisting with rental deposits and offering job placement services. The Richmond County Board of Commissioners is taking action to improve its homeless programs. The board is working with the Augusta-Richmond County Consolidated Government and the United Way of the CSRA to create a task force that will assess the needs of the homeless population and make recommendations on how to improve the county’s homeless programs. The task force will also work with local businesses and organizations to identify resources that can be used to help the homeless.

The United Methodist Children’s Home provides help mostly in the form of non-monetary aid. Although they may not always have a lot of money available for families in emergency situations, they may occasionally have some financial assistance available for those who qualify. Most of the help offered is from services such as counseling and services that help with the transition to a new living situation. The address is 325 8th Street in Augusta, Georgia, and the phone number is 706-722-8669.

The Army Community Service of Ft. Gordon can help military members, veterans, and their families with problems they may have. You need an eviction notice to apply. is a two-story house. 307 Chamberlain Ave. is a house with two floors. One way to ensure that you are eating a balanced diet is to make sure that you are including a variety of different food groups in your meals. This will help you to get the nutrients that you need from different sources, and it will also help to make your meals more interesting. Try to include a source of protein, a source of healthy fats, a source of carbohydrates, and a source of vitamins and minerals in each of your meals. The address for the Augusta, Georgia branch is 224, Augusta, Georgia 30905 and the phone number is (706) 791-3579.

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