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Bay Aging community action agency assistance programs.

Bay Aging is an organization that helps low income families and the elderly in many ways. Some of the ways they help are by providing programs and assistance in the counties of Gloucester, Essex, Lancaster, Matthews, Middlesex, Richmond, Westmoreland, and Northumberland. This non-profit organization provides assistance with emergency financial needs such as rent, utilities and medical care, as well as food and other necessary items. Making sure seniors have access to food and employment opportunities is an important focus for many organizations. The resources administered are listed below.

MedCarry is a company that provides transportation services. This provides non-emergency medical transportation for people who no longer have it. Maybe they can’t drive because they’re disabled or too old. Volunteers work with Bay Aging to help transport clients to places like pharmacies and medical appointments using their own vehicles. 7883 and order your tickets now to attend the play. Order your tickets by calling 758.8852.7883 to attend the play.

This organization provides support and referrals for elderly people and their caregivers. If you are 60 years or older, you can access management options and take part in assessments. There are many programs in Virginia that can help low income people with things like housing, food, and healthcare. In the Middle Peninsula, dial 1-800-693-6109, or in the Northern Neck, call 1-800-493-0238.

Emergency services may be offered by Bay Aging and its partners. The resources can help low income citizens with things like paying their energy bill, rent or mortgage, getting clothing, emergency food, and even transportation. The goal is to assist low income residents of the area, including those in Essex, Northumberland, and Westmoreland counties, in remaining housed and healthy.

There are programs in Virginia that can help you change careers or get a job if you’re unemployed. These agencies provide services to help people find and keep jobs. Services may include coaching, career counseling, and help with job searches. This can include help with finding a job and writing a resume. There is more available than this. Bay Aging’s employment services goals are to help clients find and keep a job.

Virginia CARES is a program that helps non-profit organizations. This program allows adult prisoners to re-enter society. They can be given a place to stay, a way to prove their identity, clothes, and help finding a job. The goal is to help them adjust to living in the local area again.

Bay Aging Meals on Wheels is a program that delivers meals to seniors who are unable to cook for themselves. The program is often run in partnership with charities such as the Salvation Army. Each day, volunteers from different counties in Essex, Lancaster, Matthews, Gloucester, and other areas deliver USDA approved meals to homebound elderly people. Church and community group volunteers typically deliver free meals. There are also special holiday services offered on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The WALOP program is a part of Meals on Wheels that helps people take care of their pets. The main goal of WALOP is to provide funds to local community action agencies and non-profits in order to help address poverty and its causes. They will use the money to buy and give pet food for free to the people who get food from Meals on Wheels and have pets. This program has been funded by the Animal Care Society, the Animal Welfare League, and Wal-Mart Corporation.

VICAP provides Virginians with information on medical care and Medicare Part D. The Bay Aging program helps older consumers with long-term care insurance, medical benefit programs, Medicare, and more. The program can help with different types of government benefits like Long-Term Care Partnerships, Medicaid, Medicare, SSDI disability benefits, and Part D.

A Personal Care Assistant can be hired to help with tasks like bathing, dressing, and using the restroom. They can also help with light housekeeping and meal preparation. They will help with activities such as dressing, grooming, bathing, light housekeeping, meal preparation and bedfast care. They may also help with delivering food that has been approved by the USDA to clients.

Respite is a service offered to caregivers of seniors and disabled people. Bay Aging offers a stress relief service that people can take advantage of. The program will also provide caregivers with some personal time. The respite service will take over so they can take care of other needs or family concerns.

The Older Worker Program provides job skills, part-time work experience and job placement assistance for adults age 55 and older. The program is funded by the federal government. There is help available for those who are retired, disabled, or unemployed, as well as for residents who would like to get back into the workforce. This program provides local, Virginia-based employers with a group of dependable, experienced, and dedicated workers.

Bay Aging provides assistance to veterans in partnership with other groups, including the Virginia Department for the Aging and the Veteran’s Administration. The Independence Programs provide services such as referrals, coordinated health care, and housing. Each of these groups strives to provide veterans with the best possible care and assistance.

Free Legal Aid is a service provided to seniors and the elderly. Bay Aging provides low income, older individuals 60 years of age and older with counseling or other appropriate legal advice. It is available for those with low income or economic/social needs.

The assistance offered by law students or paralegal is available in the Northern Neck or Middle Peninsula region. It covers civil cases, like when someone is kicked out of their home, when a family is struggling to pay for their home, or when someone is denied government help.

Phone number for help from Bay Aging Community Action

The Bay Aging provides services and assistance to seniors in the Bay Area. The focus of this organization is seniors, but they also offer assistance through the local community action agency. The main address for the Urbanna branch of the Virginia Street Bank is 5306 Old Virginia Street, telephone: (804) 758-2386.

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