Benton and Tippah assistance programs

This agency provides support to low-income residents in two counties in Mississippi. This non-profit agency provides financial assistance to low-income individuals and families to help pay for their utility bills. Funding for this assistance is limited and is based on eligibility requirements. They help with utility and cooling bills for the elderly, low-income, and disabled. They have a contract with two different regions, Region 3 and 4. The school provides food and groceries to local families in need through the Oak Hill – Briarcrest Food Bank. The best place to go for financial assistance and advice is always your local community action agency. Ripley, Mississippi is home to (662) 837-9812, a phone number.

The Catholic Social Services of the Sacred Heart supports several counties in the area. They give out data, guidance, suggestions, and some financial aid. In addition to providing food, The local Catholic Social services branches also offer rental and utility bill assistance, referral services and transportation to medical facilities, including doctors appointments and medical facilities. To call the number (662) 429-5789, dial it on the phone.

The Jericho Baptist Church Food Pantry can provide free food, clothing, and other essentials to low-income individuals. To speak to someone at the number above, dial (662) 365-2504.

Community clinics in Benton and Tippah

There are many community clinics across Mississippi that offer free medical and dental care for those who do not have health insurance. Use the search function below to find local facilities, or click here for a comprehensive listing of sites.

This health clinic is located in a rural area and is certified by the federal government. It provides primary care services to families in the area. A variety of free or low-cost medical services are available. The number 534-8166 can be pronounced as “five three four, eight one six six”.

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This agency provides free medical care to the public. It is located in Blue Mountain. To speak to someone at the Mississippi State Department of Health, dial (662) 538-4111.

This clinic provides medical care and services to the community of Ashland, Mississippi. Many organizations offer a sliding fee scale for their services, meaning that some services are free while others have a small fee attached. The number 662-224-8951 can be written as six hundred sixty-two, two hundred twenty-four, eight thousand nine hundred fifty-one.

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