Nebraska Salvation Army financial assistance programs.

The Salvation Army in Nebraska provides assistance to those in need through programs such as the Community Assistance Support Service Program, Financial/Material Assistance, and holiday aid. The purpose of these programs is to assist people with essential expenses, like utilities, groceries, housing, and medical costs. However, each Salvation Army center has limited resources and their own application process, so please inquire directly with them.

The HeatShare program provides assistance to people who are struggling to pay their heating and utility bills, or who have run out of fuel. The Salvation Army in Nebraska partners with other organizations and energy providers to help families avoid having their utility service disconnected, especially during the cold winter months when heating is most needed.

The organization may be able to help households by referring them to other non-profit agencies or government programs across the region for additional assistance, in addition to giving them cash for paying bills. The organization may also arrange for financial counseling by teaching people how to budget, or the organization can intervene on a person’s behalf with their utility company. There are laws in place to protect consumers from being disconnected from utilities, and to ensure that they are treated fairly.

The summer fan program will turn on occasionally to help cool the house during summer. Every summer, people who are 65 or older, children, and people with medical conditions may be eligible to receive a free 20-inch box fan, or a gently used air conditioner. To be eligible, you must meet certain requirements, and only one unit is available per household. One is normally provided over the years.

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The Nebraska Holiday and Christmas Program can provide food and meals for families in need of help every year. The Salvation Army can provide clothing, toy distribution for kids 14 and younger, coats, and more for families with children or households with senior members. The parents can go to the toy store and pick out free, new toys for their child.

The diaper assistance program provides free diapers and/or wipes to parents and women in need. The program will have similar eligibility requirements to the food pantry and distribution services. They also team up with nearby Diaper Depots.

In Nebraska, both financial and material assistance, including seasonal services, are available. These programs can help lower income and unemployed families with things like clothes, rent, and household items, as well as prescription drugs. There may also be security deposit programs for people who have disabilities. The Salvation Army charity organization provides additional basic food needs through the soup kitchen and food pantry.

Some of the seasonal programs that are offered include things like help with paying for heat in the winter, getting fans in the summer, having Thanksgiving meals delivered, getting school supplies for back to school, and getting help with Christmas gifts and things like that. Contact a Salvation Army center in Nebraska for more information about emergency services. Many charities offer financial assistance to people in need. This assistance can take the form of grants, loans, or other forms of financial aid.

Seasonal Services can help with back to school distribution, Christmas help, and weather-related assistance, such as heating bill assistance, clothing, free food and other material assistance for those in critical emergencies with no other options.

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Emergency Disaster Services provides assistance to people in need during and after a disaster. The goal is to assist Nebraska families who have been impacted by a natural or man-made disaster with their basic needs. Programs that provide support to survivors of sexual assault can help them heal and feel empowered. Programs that provide training to first responders can help them better respond to sexual assault cases and support survivors. The agency can provide items such as material comfort, food, shelter, emotional and spiritual comfort as well. This means that they can help with basic needs like food and shelter, but also with emotional needs like feeling comforted and supported.

The Nebraska Salvation Army offers a Head Start program, which is funded by the federal government. This program is for families with infants and toddlers under the age of three as well as pregnant women. We want to help kids grow and learn in ways that will let them succeed in school and in life, and to support families in doing their best. Head Start is a program that helps low-income families by providing parent education, health and nutrition services, family gatherings, mental health and disability services, and weekly home visits.

If you need help or know someone who does, this organization can provide referrals and additional information. If you are having trouble accessing government services, a case manager may be able to help you. Case managers can connect you with non-profit or government services which may be able to help you, such as Social Security, Food Stamps, Medicaid, and more. People in Nebraska can learn about charities and DSS programs from their clients.

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The Nebraska Community Assistance Support Service Program helps those with mental health difficulties live in the community. Case managers try to help people lead productive, satisfying lives. If you need help to keep a roof over your head or to live independently, we can provide you with resources and support. This includes help with things like learning new job skills, socializing, getting an education, and more.

Locations of Salvation Army centers in Nebraska

The Family Store is located at 502 Harlan Dr in Bellevue. The phone number is (402) 223-3341. South Omaha Bridge Rd, Omaha, Nebraska, call (402) 829-1303 The Salvation Army provides assistance to residents of Sarpy County, Nebraska. The organization has two locations in the county, in Fremont and Omaha. Assistance is available by calling either of the locations. The main phone number for 3rd Street in Grand Island, Nebraska is (308) 382-4855. The main phone number for 400 S Burlington in Hastings, Nebraska is (402) 463-0529. The main phone number for 1719 Central Ave in Kearney, Nebraska is (308) 234-9998. The center may have food vouchers, free school supplies, and emergency financial aid. The following are a list of streets and the corresponding phone numbers in Nebraska: -Potter Street in Lincoln: (402) 474-6263 -7th Street in Norfolk: 402-379-4663 -Adams Avenue in North Platte: (308) 532-2038 -Cuming Street in Omaha: (402) 553-5694

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