Assistance programs Rapides Parish and Alexandria.

There are many charities and government programs that offer help with bills or other financial support. There may be money from grants to pay utility bills, cover medications, or fund back rent in Rapides Parish. Free food pantries serve meals and give out groceries or hygiene supplies to people in need in the Rapides Parish and Alexandra area.

If you are a low-income tenant or homeowner, you may be eligible for free mortgage or foreclosure counseling, as well as eviction defense services. There are also many other forms of financial aid available, such as free debt advice from a non-profit, transportation, job training programs, and free lawyer consultations near you.

Financial help for energy costs, rent, and medical needs

If your household has been impacted by HIV or AIDS, you can reach out to Central Louisiana AIDS Support Services (CLASS) for help. This non-profit is based in Alexandria and is part of a nationwide organization that provides support to individuals or their immediate family members.

They work to prevent the spread of this condition by offering short term support. The agency can offer applications for grants to help with rent or utility bills, coordinate programs to help with prescription medications, ensure clients are given the food they need, and much more. To reach customer service, please call (318) 442-1010.

The Shepherd Center is a faith-based charity that is made up of synagogues, churches, and other groups. Many programs exist to help low-income individuals in Rapides Parish, such as the following:

If clients can’t afford to pay their utility or air conditioning bills, they can contact the charity for help. There are also grants for limited assistance with rent and employment expenses, such as transportation and counseling. The Shepherd Center can help you with things like getting cheaper prescriptions and pointing you in the right direction for things like loans from credit unions or government assistance programs. The church group is located at 1400 Jackson Street, Alexandria, Louisiana 71301, or you can call them at (318) 448-3752.

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The Alexandria Public Housing Authority provides housing assistance through income-based Section 8 vouchers. There is also information on housing for seniors who need support, home-buying services, and referrals to shelters. This program provides housing assistance to those in need. To learn more about Louisiana section 8 vouchers, please visit the website for the Louisiana Housing Authority.

If you are a very low income family in Rapides Parish, the Office of Family Support can help you apply for public aid. There is help available in the form of money or medical care. There are many different types of assistance available to low-income families, including help with basic needs such as food and housing, as well as access to healthcare and child care. The office is in Alexandria on Murray Street and the phone number is (318) 487-5110.

The Cenla Community Action Committee is a group that helps people who are living in poverty. The non-profit administers Head Start and LIHEAP utility bill programs, coordinates job training, runs grant programs, and much more. This organization provides many services to low-income families. The goal is to stop people from becoming homeless or poor. The address is 4008 Parliament Drive, Alexandria, Louisiana 71301. The number to reach someone by phone is (318) 487-5860.

There are organizations that provide food assistance to low income individuals and families who may not be able to afford groceries. Pantries may offer non-perishable food items in bulk, such as boxes of cereal, canned goods, and other items. The staff at a center can help the client get food stamps or WIC vouchers to buy formula. A pantry can provide for other basic needs as well. The Rapides Parish food banks are a great place to get food for those in need. They have a variety of food items that can be donated and they also help with distribution.

Additional social services in Rapides Parish

This organization helps people in the Rapides Parish area with their finances and credit. Specialists help people with money they owe, whether it is from credit cards or medical bills. The counseling process may be free or very low cost to families with low incomes.

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Clients can sign up for various services. The non-profit organization can help with things like foreclosures, debt management plans, and bankruptcies. Please call the number above for more information.

Lily of the Valley Ministries is a organization that helps women who are in a crisis, this includes pregnant teens or single moms. There are many resources available to help low income families, such as free diaper programs, food assistance, and more. Our address is 1605 Murray Street, Alexandria, LA 71301, or you can call us at (318) 442-4504.

The New Bethel Community Missionary Baptist Church of Alexandria Louisiana provides assistance to families living in poverty and those who are disadvantaged. They offer a helping hand, someone to talk to, and maybe basic needs. The community volunteers try to help those in need by providing them with clothes and food. They also try to address the root cause of the hardship from their center. This is a phone number. To reach the person you are trying to contact, dial the number as it is written.

The Rapides Parish offers emergency rent help, short-term housing, and other types of housing assistance for low-income families. If you are a tenant and are facing eviction, or are behind on utility bills, or if you are a homeless family, you can find support in the city of Alexandra and the surrounding area. There is more information available on housing and rental assistance in Rapides Parish.

The Salvation Army provides social services to those who are in need in Rapides Parish. This includes assistance for the poor, less fortunate, and vulnerable. They provide free food, rent or utility bill assistance, school supplies or free holiday food baskets as well as Christmas toys. The church also provides a low-cost thrift store, counseling services, and transitional housing programs. To reach the customer service line for the company, dial 318-442-0445. The Salvation Army in Rapides Parish provides assistance programs to help those in need. Programs include food assistance, financial assistance, and clothing assistance. The Salvation Army also provides other services such as Christmas assistance and disaster relief.

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The Legal Services of Central Louisiana is a organization that helps people with legal problems. They are based in Alexandria, Louisiana. Please call (318) 443-7281. Lawyers will help people who are low income or seniors with legal matters. The site can help with getting government benefits like disability or section 8, dealing with money problems like getting fired without cause, and help with being kicked out of your home.

If you need help during Thanksgiving or Christmas, there are many organizations that offer assistance for free. Organizations that give back to the community by providing families in need with resources like food and toys. There are holiday assistance programs for kids, single parents, the elderly and others. If you’re looking for free holiday help in Rapides County, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find information on food and gift assistance, as well as resources for families in need.

Free medical or dental care from clinics

Community Health Works is an organization that provides both pharmacy services and non-profit clinic services. The number for potential patients in Alexandria is (318) 767-9979. A sliding fee scale is a system where the amount you pay for something is based on how much money you make. The government supported center has a sliding fee scale in place for the under and uninsured. There are a variety of medical treatments available in Rapides Parish, including medication, check-ups, X-Rays, and referrals to specialists.

Rapides Primary Health Care Center will take your government insurance (such as Medicaid or Medicare) as well as private insurance. This means that people who are seniors, children, or working poor may be able to get medical or dental care at a lower cost. This is a phone number.

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