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Broome County and Binghamton Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Broome County Salvation Army provides many social services and assistance programs. The center is a place where people of all backgrounds can come for help, and it is based on Christian faith. There are many programs that offer free food, hot meals, information on Christmas or back to school supplies, or general guidance. There is not a lot of financial aid available in Binghamton, for things like rent or utilities.

This means that there is only a certain amount of money, time, or people available to achieve a goal. The applicant must provide evidence for everything from their income to a copy of a lease or utility bill. Most of the assistance offered is in the form of basic needs like food and clothes, or referrals for case management and financial aid.

Binghamton and Endicott Salvation Army center

The Broome County site is based in Binghamton. The social services offered by the county are not limited to a certain area. People from different backgrounds and situations come to this place for help. This includes elderly people on a set income, unemployed people, single parents, and people who are not working as much as they would like. We are all equal no matter what our religion is, how old we are, or what race we are. This means that anyone is eligible to apply for the position. The options that may be offered are listed below.

One-time financial aid for emergencies, such as rent, medications, heating or gas bills, and other expenses. The Salvation Army is a leading provider of information on medical care and finding organizations that offer free healthcare.

Christmas programs give children in need free presents, food boxes for their parents, and Christmas meals.

The homeless can stay at the Broome County Salvation Army housing for a short period of time.

The client will be given the resources they need to be stable and independent.

Each year around Thanksgiving, volunteers prepare and serve traditional turkey meals. Local donors, including stores and restaurants, also donate food for Thanksgiving. This food is typically given to people who are less fortunate or in need.

There are summer camps available for children in Broome County and the surrounding area at an affordable price. Kids can get help and guidance from an experienced person, go for a walk in nature, play with other kids their age, and have opportunities to learn and mature.

The services that are provided to help people who have been affected by a disaster.

Adult rehabilitation programs can help substance abusers by providing them with treatment and resources that focus on helping them recover. These programs typically provide counseling, support groups, and other resources that can help patients overcome addiction and lead healthy, productive lives.

Some Salvation Army volunteers, in partnership with Agency on Aging centers and churches, deliver meals to people’s homes.

The Salvation Army in Binghamton helps people get jobs and provides training and other resources. They may also have vouchers for gasoline.

Some other social services that are offered are the Family Thrift store, back to school supply programs, backpacks, and more.

There are places in Broome County where people can go to get food if they are struggling to afford it.

The activities and programs listed above are just a small example of what is available throughout the year. There are also programs to help single moms in an emergency. The Salvation Army has a limited amount of resources in Broome County, so the programs offered change occasionally. The amount of donations and volunteers changes, and more support is needed. If you want to help out, please do so.

The thrift store is in need of donations. The store needs volunteers to do things like run the registers, stock the shelves, and much more. You can donate furniture, beds, kitchen utensils, pots, pans, and of course clothing. There are many other items that could be sold at the store, and the store’s inventory changes often.

Applying for assistance from Salvation Army in Broome County

This is where Salvation Army employees can give referrals to other agencies. The Binghamton center will only be able to help a limited number of people because there is a high demand for assistance. If the center is not able to help a client, they will try to direct the client to another local resource. For information about the services offered by the Broome County Salvation Army, call (607) 722-2987 or visit their office at 131 Washington St, Binghamton, NY 13901. The other thrift store is located at 703 E Main St, Endicott, New York 13760. To speak to someone at (607) 748-9042.

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