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Colorado Douglas County St. Vincent de Paul assistance programs.

The St. Vincent de Paul charity organization in Douglas County Colorado offers referrals and partnerships with other organizations in the region. It may be able to offer some basic needs and direct assistance, but its main focus is connecting people with other resources. The table below provides information on the various services and assistance programs offered by the organization.

The Castle Rock Food Bank has a lot of food for people who are having a hard time feeding their families. The charity pantry will be giving out free food including fresh produce, chicken/meat, canned fruits, vegetables, spaghetti sauce & pasta, cereal, milk, and eggs. Other non-food items that may be offered include diapers, toiletries and more. So the goods at the St. Vincent pantry will depend on what is donated from people across the county. Some stores may also offer special Thanksgiving and Christmas items.

The agency is located near the Douglas County TASK Force, which is a group that helps people in need. Some examples of the programs administered by the government include the following: healthcare, education, transportation, and social welfare. A program that helps people pay their rent and utility bills when they are in danger of being evicted or having their utilities shut off. They also operate a van that can provide free basic medical and health care services to the homeless, very low income, and uninsured people in the community. For more information, you can call 303-688-1114.

If you need help in the community, you can go to Health and Human Services. The office is located at 440 Castleton Court. The phone number is 303-688-4825. This location is a great place to get help from the government or other public organizations. The staff from St. Vincent can help you to find and use the resources that are available to you. There are many resources available to low income families, such as food stamps, Medicaid, and Section 8 rental assistance.

Douglas County Youth Initiative (DCYi) is a coordinated effort to bring different parts of the community together to work on common causes. This will help to ensure that everyone in the community has access to the resources and support that they need.St. Vincent de Paul plans to help out different agencies so that the community can have what they need. Churches and volunteers will also support parents with resources, education, job training and care that is not contingent on anything. We are trying to help families in Douglas County Colorado.

The Society of Saint Vincent collaborates with other food pantries and churches in the area to provide assistance to those in need. Other places to get food, groceries, and support for holidays can be found here.

The SECOR company is based in Parker, Colorado at 9650 Jordan Road. The phone number is seven two zero eight four two five six two one. There are a variety of food assistance and nutritional services available for low income individuals and families, including seniors and children. Before visiting, it is recommended that you call to confirm that they support your area. The pantry is only available to use on Wednesday through Friday.

Harvest Food Outreach is an organization that provides food to people in need. The pantry is at 599 Topeka Way in Castle Rock, Colorado. Call St. Vincent for more information. This center is only open on the 3rd Saturday of the month.

St. Vincent also provides other assistance for low income and poor people. This means that there are stores that sell clothes for cheap or for free and that these clothes are usually in good condition. The stores rely heavily on donations from the people living in Douglas County Colorado. The money from the items sold will go to funding other resources for charities, like St. Vincent, in the community.

Phone number to apply for help

The charity organization provides a lot of human services. If you want to learn more, you can call or go to the St. Vincent de Paul Society of Castle Rock center at 2746 5th Street. If you would like to speak to someone over the phone, please call 303-847-2606.

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