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Caddo Parish and Shreveport water bill assistance programs.

There are a few organizations in Caddo Parish that may help low income families with their water bills. There are organizations that can help with paying water bills so that service is not shut off. There may be dozens of families per month that receive some type of assistance from the various programs.

The amount of money that each organization gives will be different. In some years, a greater number of low income families may qualify for assistance from agencies in Shreveport. In other years, those agencies may have fewer resources available to provide assistance. They depend a lot on both private donations and government grants.

One of the best agencies to contact for help is the Caddo Community Action Agency. This non-profit will have the most money to give away. There are programs that can help low-income families with their water and other utility bills. The focus is on income-qualified households that are most at risk of having their power shut off. This can include people who are elderly, disabled, or have young children, including single parents.

The main requirements for eligibility are based on the size of the household and the total family income. The Community Action Agency will give priority to certain individuals who are considered to be in need.

To apply, all applicants must live in Caddo Parish, Louisiana. In order to qualify for the program, individuals will need to provide documentation of their income and expenses, as well as their overall financial situation. There are other conditions that may apply as well, such as only being able to apply for this once per year. Clients will need to go through a process that will address the root cause of their financial hardship.

The non-profit organization accepts applications at its David Raines and Eddie Jones Community Centers. This means that the people who receive the money are the ones who applied for it and who meet the qualifications for it. The money is given out to them in the order that they applied for it.

The Shreveport Water Assistance Program is a resource that can help with water bills. Different agencies and churches administer this, including Caddo community action and Centerpoint Community Services. In order to receive help from this, certain income levels must be met. This means that a person can only apply for this a few times in one year.

There is only so much money to go around for programs. In order to be eligible for assistance with paying water bills, applicants must have a cut-off notice and also receive some form of government or public assistance. If you apply for the money, you will not receive it, and it will go directly to the water company.

If you are looking for a non-profit organization to get involved with, you may want to consider Socialization Services. This agency helps people, including seniors, pay their costs and they also participate in the Shreveport Water Assistance Program. This non-profit also provides various other resources to people who are unemployed or struggling.

When possible, each person who is provided help may receive up to $100 for a water bill. However, the only thing that is covered is the bill and no extra fees or charges will be paid.

If you are a resident of Shreveport, Louisiana, you may want to try Catholic Charities. This agency provides a limited amount of financial help for emergency expenses such as utility bills and water bills. Some of the conditions for receiving the grant include participating in a money management or budgeting class.

For information on resources, call Centerpoint Community Services at (318) 227-0035, Caddo Community Action Agency at (318) 861-4808, or Socialization Services of Shreveport at (318) 636-5284.

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