Cary North Carolina utility bill assistance.

Oasis is a financial assistance program for families in Cary, North Carolina that helps pay for utility bills. This organization is run by the town, with help from Dorcas Ministries Crisis Ministry. It is funded through donations.

Other local businesses and utility customers in the region are generous with their donations to fund this resource. The Oasis program provides financial assistance to residents who are facing difficulty paying their utilities due to an emergency or other financial hardship.

A local non-profit organization, Dorcas Ministries Crisis Ministry, is working with the Town of Cary to create a program for low-income people who qualify. Your donations can help people in need keep their lights on. You can donate to Oasis easily and quickly. Volunteering not only provides you with an opportunity to help others, but also offers tax benefits.

Many families in the town have difficulty paying their bills on time or are at risk of having their utilities disconnected. Some people may be late on their rent for more than one month in a row, while others may only be late once due to a hardship or crisis. Some people find themselves in a difficult situation for the first time in their lives and they just need some help to pay their bills.

The assistance is not for people who have a chronic problem, it is for people who have a one time crisis. The program is not designed to be a source of free care for residents who cannot take care of themselves.

The Town of Cary is willing to accept donations from utility customers either one-time or on a monthly basis. The town will collect money to give to Dorcas Ministries, who will then use the money to help the region. The non-profit may also help people sign up for government assistance programs available in North Carolina, such as the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

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Any money that is collected can only be used to pay for a Town of Cary utility bill. Some of the money may be used to pay for plumbing repairs to fix leaks in someone’s home. The goal is to help people before they get too far behind on their bills and have their service disconnected. This is especially true during the hot and humid summer months in North Carolina.

If you need help, people from Dorcas Ministries who are experts in crises will look at your application. An interview will be part of this process. Candidates will need to demonstrate their difficult situation and have corresponding records. The non-profit will help low income and needy people by providing them with the resources they need.

Anyone can help to improve the program. To donate monthly with your utility payment, call (919) 469-4050. Include a note with your next payment. If you use a note, make sure it is clear and concise about what the money is for. You can also ask to set up a regular donation to the Oasis program. The amount you spend each month on this can be as little as 50 cents, or $1, $2, $5, or $10. There is no pressure to contribute a lot or a little. You can contribute whatever you feel comfortable with. The money will go to those who qualify.

To make a one-time donation to the program, include the donation amount with your next utility payment or mail it separately to the Town of Cary Finance Department. To find out more information, you can call 919-469-4050.

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