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Catholic Charities assistance programs Southeast Arizona.

Catholic Charities is an organization that helps low-income people in Cochise, Greenlee, Santa Cruz, and Graham Counties. They provide things like food, clothing, and shelter to people who need it. Case managers will work with people who seem to need help in order to help them find and apply for resources. There are resources available for seniors, families looking for housing, and those needing health care. Various other services are also available.

Older adults can sign up to receive meals or to participate in the nutrition program. In Cochise County Arizona, tens of thousands of meals are distributed to individuals who qualify.

This can include meals that are delivered to your home and meals that you eat with other people in a group setting. The help is given to older people who live or work in a group or home setting. If there are enough donations, meals can be served five days a week. In addition to being delicious, these foods are also healthy. The items served will cover one-third of the recommended nutritional intake for older adults.

The food, meals, nutrition services, and educational seminars are all provided in an effort to improve the participants’ diets. If a senior citizen does not have the proper qualifications, then they may be referred to other non-profit or community resources. Some government assistance may also be provided if/when the government is able to do so.

People who are 60 or older and their spouses can access Catholic Charity meal programs, regardless of income. disabled people of all ages can use these services The focus is on helping those who are in the greatest social and economic need in Santa Cruz or Cochise County Arizona. The main goals of the meals and socialization activities will be to target these people.

Meals will also be served in the counties and towns of Benson, Douglas, and Sierra Vista. While the meal itself is free, participants of the home delivered or congregate programs are given the opportunity to donate money to help cover the cost of the meal. Even a small amount of money can help keep the program running.

There are places where people can go for help, including victims of Domestic Violence. The residents of Cochise and Santa Cruz Counties can get counseling, services, and assistance from this organization. The centers are always open. There are other programs that people who stay there can enroll in, including case management.

There are ways to get around the community for people who cannot drive or do not have a car. There are programs available in this area and throughout the state. Catholic Charities is known for helping those in need. There are resources available to help people get to medical appointments or critical shopping trips, including the Cochise Commuter.

You can get medical help at places like St. Elizabeth’s Health Center. The clinic is based on faith and provides care for those who are uninsured or have very low income. It is located in the southeast Arizona region. People of all ages, incomes, races, and religions can receive help. They can access a number of different medical and dental services. The St. Elizabeth’s clinic relies on patient fees and donations.

-Fees and bills will be charged based on what patients can afford. There will be a sliding scale in order to accommodate this. Many volunteer health care providers from Graham and Cochise counties help care for patients at St. Elizabeth’s. Many dentists, doctors, nurses, behavioral health professionals, and nurse practitioners offer their time and services to the clinic. This allows the clinic to provide free or low-cost dental, medical, and behavioral health services to the community.

The Pio Decimo Center Housing and Family Services provides assistance with needs such as clothing, food, housing, and safety. The housing staff from Catholic Charities provide services that help these programs. This organization provides housing for low-income seniors, transitional housing for homeless families, and free counseling for anyone considering a home purchase or needing help. If you are struggling to make mortgage payments or are at risk of foreclosure, there are services to help you.

Renters who have issues with their landlord may be able to get help from a mediator. This means that seniors can have someone check on them weekly to see how they are doing, and families who are in the process of moving to a new home can get help from someone who can manage their case. If you need clothes or food, there are boxes of emergency supplies available for people in the Arizona area.

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Catholic Community Services is located in Santa Cruz and Cochise counties in Arizona. 200, Lawrenceville, GA 30046 The main center for this company is located at 155 Bartow Dr., Ste. 200, Lawrenceville, GA 30046. Our mailing address is: P.O. Box 35 Sierra Vista, Arizona 85635 Please call 520.458-4203

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