Assistance Program

Central Arkansas Water assistance programs.

If you live in Central Arkansas and have a low income, you may be able to get help with your water bill. Several different sources of funding are combined to provide assistance, including company funds, private grants, and government assistance. The goal is to help a family keep their water service from being disconnected.

Local organizations have contributed money to Central Arkansas Water to create a fund that will help customers with their water bills. The assistance provides money to those who need help and support to those who qualify for the income. This water assistance program is funded by local businesses and merchants who pay advertising fees to place coupons on customer billing statements. The money that is raised goes towards helping people who are less fortunate, including seniors and families with young children, to pay their bills.

The Help to Others Customer Assistance Fund is a program that helps customers who need assistance. If local merchants and businesses advertise with Central Arkansas Water, they can help make a difference. Some of the money they spend will go to support and pay for The Help to Others Customer Assistance Fund. This fund provides assistance to customers who need help paying their electricity bills. This means that the merchant is not only passionate about their product, but also cares about their customers and their experience.

This program provides coupons and discounts to central Arkansas residents. While this is occurring, they will also be able to help senior citizens, families, the disabled and other individuals experiencing financial difficulty. The Help to Others Customer Assistance Fund helps companies promote their services and products to over 100,000 consumers, which can help them bring in more customers. The money that people donate to this cause helps people who are struggling to keep their water service on.

The program is only for residential customers and not open to anyone else. Some regional non-profits work with Central Arkansas Water to help low-income families pay their water bills. The ministry provides social service assistance to those in need River City Ministry helps people who live north of the Arkansas River by giving them social service assistance. Another organization to try is the Watershed Human and Community Development Agency. This organization accepts applications for customers and families that live south of the Arkansas River in Pulaski County. For additional information, see the contact information below.

River City Ministry is a church located in North Little Rock, Arkansas, for customers north of the Arkansas River. Call this office at 501.376.6694 to speak to someone. We only process applications one day per week.

The Watershed Human and Community Development Agency provides income-qualified households that live south of the Arkansas River with assistance. The office is located in College Station, Arkansas. Please call 501.378.0176 to begin the intake process.

The organizations can provide information about other government programs that can help you. They are focused on helping people who have a difficult time paying their water and other bills. This includes seniors, families, and the unemployed.

Other assistance programs in Arkansas include Neighbors Helping Neighbors and the Customer Assistance Fund. Some companies offer money to help pay for utility bills such as electricity or heating, and some companies may also offer money to help pay for water accounts. If you cannot find a program that specifically helps with water costs, there are other programs that can help with other expenses. This can allow families to use their money to pay their water bills.

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