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Salvation Army emergency assistance programs Greene County and Springfield.

The Salvation Army in Greene County, Missouri, provides assistance to families in crisis or who are living in poverty. The charity organization offers both short term, emergency assistance (rent, utility bills, medications, etc.) as well as long term case management to help fight against poverty. Programs provide solutions to everyone, regardless of disability, age, or any other factor.

Financial help and Greene County social services

In order to receive financial aid from Social Services in Springfield for housing, bills, or medical needs, the client needs to participate in a self-sufficiency service. This will ensure that the family has what they need to be successful both personally and financially. This means that any resources from the Springfield Salvation Army are meant to be used for one-time, short-term solutions.

The program offers free food on Wednesdays, help with rent or energy bills for housing-related issues, information on affordable or free health insurance and prescription medications, advocacy, mental health case management, and referrals to other local Greene County-based community resources. There are also free clothes, winter coats, diapers, and gasoline cards. There are many charities in the region that may be able to help the family. Much of the money that is used to pay for their programs comes from selling items at the thrift store.

The Springfield Missouri Salvation Army food pantry is a place where families and individuals in the community can go to get food. The days of the week that the hours change are mostly Wednesdays, but it is usually from Monday to Friday. This means that you should call now to get the most up-to-date information. The address is 1707 West Chestnut Expressway. This is a street address located in the city of Springfield, Missouri.

When you are qualified, you may have enough groceries to last for 3 days. There are also applications available to help with public benefits, like vouchers for WIC or food stamps for SNAP. They help clients find resources for other needs like transportation or clothes. In addition to providing food, staff also help clients with other needs such as transportation or clothes. The pantry may have items such as diapers, cleaning products, hygiene supplies, and free infant formula. We will help you as much as we can depending on what you need. People with special diets or who are homebound are also given flexibility.

The soup kitchen provides free meals that are nutritionally balanced to people who are in need. Meals are served at Harbor House or the pantry. There are many different types of programs available that cater to different types of people. There are meals available for both homeless people and hungry seniors. Both of them are made up of different things. The Greene County Salvation Army provides not only hot meals, but also other types of support. The Senior Citizens Lunch Program also provides food for senior citizens over the age of 55. There are several things that can be done in order to improve the quality of one’s life. Some of these things include:

The computer provides instruction to help people find a job, take training, or seek financial aid. The program also includes health and wellness activities such as exercise and strength training, yoga, and more. Participants from Salvation Army services also get basic medical care, such as enrollment into diabetic support, health monitoring and education. Food is served along with recreational activities. The Salvation Army provides people in need with basic necessities such as food and shelter. They also offer other services such as crafts, music, and field trips.

Many people and businesses donate their time or resources to help families in need during Christmas and Thanksgiving. The Salvation Army in Springfield provides holiday meal boxes, given Angel Tree and Adopt a toy programs, and more. There is also a store where you can buy toys.

Children in need can receive free clothes, books, Christmas gifts, a toy, and a stocking stuffer. They also arrange holiday dinners, such as volunteers that serve food like turkeys and all the toppings. Some families are even given a gift card to get food from a local grocery store for a holiday dinner. This is a great way to help those in need have a happy holiday. The after school camp and Summer camp are for kids under the age of 14 and include fieldtrips, a free computer lab, meals, outdoor activities and more.

Homeless assistance and Salvation Army short term housing

The Springfield Salvation Army provides emergency shelters that offer housing and other support services. It is a residential program that helps people with mental illness. The program provides housing, support, and treatment to people with mental illness so they can live independently. The Harbor House program at 36 North Booneville Avenue in Springfield, Missouri helps people with mental illness to live independently by providing housing, support, and treatment. The charity will provide both overnight and temporary emergency housing. There are also hot meals available from the Frontline feeding Program.

In addition to providing a place to sleep, the church also provides other services such as counseling, referrals for treatment and services, outreach, case management, and job programs. During the cold winter months in Green County, the Salvation Army and East Sunshine Church of Christ operate cold weather shelters.

Rehabilitation for adults can be used for a variety of needs. The Springfield Missouri Salvation Army provides assistance for those struggling with abuse, such as alcohol or drugs. The people who go to the centers will have to pay either low costs or insurance. Clients are provided with a place to stay, food, clothing, and free medical care from local clinics. The center will also allow clients to work and get therapy at the same time. The Salvation Army considers all aspects of the person when providing assistance at the center.

Other Salvation Army social services in Springfield, Missouri are also available. This organization provides various services to the community, such as referring people to case management services, giving out grants for bills or transportation, providing disaster relief, and offering employment opportunities. The Greene County Salvation Army Family Store is where people can buy gently used items for a low cost. There are other free Missouri employment programs that can help with income.


Glenstone Ave. The main Salvation Army Thrift Store and Social Service center for Greene County is located at 1737 S. Glenstone Ave. This center provides assistance programs for those in need. The address is Campbell Avenue, Springfield, MO 65807. For more information, please call 417-866-9426.

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