Assistance Program

Clarksburg Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army Center in Clarksburg West Virginia helps people who are not as fortunate as others in Harrison County. They provide various assistance programs such as one-time help with rent or heating bills, as well as increased support during seasons. This later service includes free Christmas toys from Angel Tree, care for seniors, and Thanksgiving meals. This service provides free Christmas toys from the Angel Tree program, care for seniors, and Thanksgiving meals to those in need. No matter what the crisis is or why it is happening, the charity may be able to help.

Holiday programs

There are many different ways to do this. The free Thanksgiving meals include a turkey dinner served to the needy, while free Christmas presents are available for children under the age of 13. This is when the Salvation Army provides winter coats to groups who may have difficulty obtaining them otherwise. This includes senior citizens, children, and low-income earners.

The most popular program in Harrison County is Angel Tree. The timeline for processing applications varies from year to year, but is typically late October or early November. Presents for the child may include toys, games, electronics, and other items.

This means that when parents are looking for help with holidays, they should be ready with what they need. Applicants will need to bring a photo ID for themselves, birth certificates for all children, proof of Harrison County residency, and proof of income. If the Salvation Army cannot verify your identity with the primary ID you provided, they may ask for a secondary form of identification, such as a driver’s license, student ID, or employee ID. The case worker can provide more information.

Food is also given out in baskets. They will have the necessary ingredients to cook their own holiday meal. The food box program provides boxes of food to senior citizens and families living in poverty.

Family services from Harrison County Salvation Army

These programs will be available throughout the year, but the specifics of the programs, the amount of money available, and the application process may vary. If a service runs out of money, it will no longer be offered. The Salvation Army will still provide referrals to resources instead of providing the resources themselves.

The Salvation Army in Clarksburg provides financial assistance throughout the year. The charity relies on donations from the United Way, as well as grants from the state of West Virginia and donations from the public. There is no guarantee that anyone will get the job they apply for.

This means that the charity may be able to help with utility bills, especially during winter when heating costs are higher. There may also be rental assistance to help prevent homelessness, vouchers for food, and clothing given out in Harrison County. This means that there is only a certain amount of money available, and the person applying for the money will also need to pay some of the outstanding bill themselves.

The Clarksburg Elite Cleaners often provide coats and clothing to people in need on a case by case basis. They try to increase this service during the winter. This is when someone may be given a free coat, boots, hat, or other items to keep them warm.

Food can be distributed from the pantry in boxes. The can might contain soup, rice, peanut butter, jelly, or other things. The goal is to make sure that the family in Harrison County has enough food and does not go hungry. This will give the person time to find and apply for benefits that will last longer, like vouchers for WIC or food stamps from SNAP. The Salvation Army can help people figure out how to file for bankruptcy.

The local center also offers counseling services. The Clarksburg Salvation Army attempts to end the continuous cycle of poverty. They understand that the process of learning begins at a young age, so they set up care for children, like after school programs or summer camps. The center also has a computer that parents can use to make a resume or to search for jobs in West Virginia.

This is a case management system that helps you set goals and achieve them. If you participate in the program and meet the goals, you will probably get more financial aid. This is done because the client is proving that they are willing and able to help themselves.

The Salvation Army Community Center is the best place to learn more about the organization and how to get involved. The company is based in Clarksburg, West Virginia. If you need help or know someone who does, you can call (304) 622-2360 for more information or referrals.

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