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Nicor Gas assistance programs.

If you are a Nicor Gas customer and have a low income, you may be eligible for assistance with your gas bill. If you are struggling to pay your bills or manage your expenses, there are various resources that can help you. There are many different types of resources that can help with energy bills, including financial assistance programs and referrals from the company. There is more available. The services and options are listed below.

Government assistance

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) has two parts. One is for an emergency situation, such as a disconnection. To pay Nicor Gas bills on a regular basis. Low-income households may be able to qualify for grants or financial assistance that can be used to help pay for energy bills. This assistance is typically provided in the form of a single annual payment. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a federally-funded program that provides cash assistance to eligible low-income households to help pay for home energy bills.

Nicor Gas is always happy to help its customers who are disabled, seniors, or low income. These programs are especially for customers who cannot afford to pay their gas bill or who are about to have their service disconnected. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program and the Reconnect Program can help these customers.

The PIPP is a program in the state of Illinois that allows people to pay a certain percentage of their income towards their utility bills. The Department of Commerce and Economic Development, along with Nicor and other utility companies, created this program. The program may allow eligible customers to keep their utility service by paying a portion of their monthly income towards their heating and cooling costs. PIPP was designed to provide customers with a plan that would allow them to make level payments. It may also provide individuals the ability to eliminate any outstanding balances and fees on their account.

The Illinois Home Weatherization Assistance Program (IHWAP) is a federally funded program that provides assistance to eligible households to improve their homes’ energy efficiency and reduce their energy costs. Low income homes may be eligible to receive free energy conservation updates or improvements. If you or someone you know needs help with utility bills, please call your local LIHEAP office or community action agency, or dial 1-877-411-9276.

Nicor Gas payment plans and solutions

If you have already had your gas shut off, the Reconnect Program may be able to help you by setting up a payment plan and possibly even helping with deposits. This means that you will need to pay one third of the total bill upfront, and then pay the remaining balance in equal monthly payments.

The Sharing Program is a program that helps people who are struggling to pay their energy bills. The Salvation Army partners with Nicor and other non-profits to help people in need. This is another resource that may be able to provide a one-time cash grant to residential customers who do not qualify for any other federal government assistance. If someone’s income is too high, they might be able to get help from the Sharing Program.

Military personnel who live in Illinois can get a special discount on their Nicor Gas bill. If you are a reservist or national guard personnel who lives in an area where our company provides service, then we can offer you assistance. Applicants or members of the military who wish to apply for this benefits program will need to provide documentation verifying their service in order to be eligible. Call the customer service number at 1-888-642-6748.

If you’re behind on your natural gas bill, Nicor Gas offers payment arrangements. Customers may be eligible to set up a payment plan with their energy provider. Most agreements will require the customer to make a down payment on their account. After that happens, the rest of the bill will need to be paid over a set amount of time, which is usually four months. If you spend that much, it will be added to your account. If you need help paying your bill, you can call Nicor at 1-888-642-6748 to discuss your options or set up a payment plan.

Most customers can use a lot of the resources mentioned above. The reconnect program can be offered in addition to federal government and LIHEAP aid. If you have a problem with your gas service, Nicor Gas wants to help you explore all options to find a solution. Please call us right away.

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